Starbound Mod: Starpounds Big Fatties

Starbound uses a hex color system to assign colors to races to provide the various ingame options for players and npcs. From a list provided, they can be expanded or even removed if one feels like it. The slime race uses hex colors that assigns them colors that are also partially transparent.

Since this mod uses that same system and applies it to the fat body armors, it can match up with whatever player or npc that gains weight. One restriction of this armor though is the inability to hide the original body, rather it has to completely cover it and account for its animations. As the only invisible option in the game is all or nothing, it cannot target specific body parts. Thus if a race that is transparent had any support. You would be able to see the original body underneath the fat body. It is especially bad for the blob size with the increased height and trickery with the arms.

Ooh, one work around i can think of is to either block the transparent colours and give normal ones or replace them with an addon, i got no clue how to do either but i guess it would need a seperate addon instead of inside the main mod

quick question
how do i get or spawn the treadmill?

it took me a bit of time, but you get it from the big fatties store. it’s a blue looking version of the weight scale icon.

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Have you considered about adding nipples or more jiggle physics to the mod?

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I have done the unpacking I have the latest ver here I was trying to change the immobile status and and some others before


FYI: From my own personal use of the latest version, the invincible / invincibility and no energy regen bug is seemingly caused by Stardust Core. Slapped an account together just to toss this into the topic in case anyone googles this in the future.


I was wondering about that! Thank you!

Hello. Sorry im new to this. love the work, but i was wondering where the WIP of the mod is. is it a work in progress and not yet ready?

The Work In Progress version is exclusive to the discord server at the moment. When we feel it’s good enough, we’ll release it outside of it.

Hello I’m a big fan of the big fatties mod And you’re ginormous ass
I’ve been wondering how Do I get my character to have the milky and hyper body shapes

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i believe that’s exclusive to the discord at the moment. if you’re already on the discord then you’d probably do better asking there.

by the way, this mod is phenomenal. not just from a kink perspective, but it’s also mechanically quite sound as well.


It wouldn’t let me talk to the owner or any of the mods

That’s on your end. The friends only dms setting works both ways and if you’re getting that error, you have to disable the setting yourself.

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just wanted to ask if the mod added (or planed to add)any weight related sidequests or generated structures (if possible with larger npc sizes)?

is there like a big faat mod recopilation?

And which mods are compatible? Especially on races.

I believe it’s all the vanilla races exclusively, unless it’s the WIP version, in which case it adds a new race (pig people which I think are called the Throg, sorry if I’m wrong) that can gain weight too.

For modded races, check out mod fatties, it might have what you’re looking for.

As for non-race concerns with mods, I’m not sure if too many mods have problems with it. That being said, take my words with a grain of salt, but I’m pretty sure most mods are okay with Big Fatties. But do be careful still.

Edit: changed gronk to Throg

Thanks for the answer, I’ll check. However, there is a problem. I realized that I had written to the wrong place only 16 hours later.

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