Starbound Mod: Starpounds Big Fatties

I am talking about github

I can’t get back to the hog diner. It keeps teleporting me to my ship.
So much for that calorie extractor being accessable.
I’ll try restarting.

It works again.

Oh, also, are the corroded scrap supposed to be able to substitute iron, like the other digested materials.

Oh, I also came across the brewmaster hat. It mentioned fattening so I assume it came from this mod. I doubt it, but it doesn’t happen to have functionality, does it?

so far the scap really cant be used unless you turn it in to pixels.
as for the hat never found it my self but most of the armor from the mod just has flavor text and dont REALLY do anything but i could be proven wrong im on my 3rd run useing the kitsune race and im still finding new stuff i did not in my old runs!
Also for quicker answers and way more info then what is here join the discord there active and super helpful :smile_cat: :+1:

Not the biggest fan of discord… I’ll think about it.

I LOVE the eye ball enemies that force themselves down our throats!~ I hope there’ll be larger enemies(maybe even humanoid) that do that. I assume turning off pred in the vore options disables that.

The mod’s really good! But I am confused by the milk production thingy, I don’t understand how it works at all. It’s there, but nothing happens when I eat stuff.

there is a skill tree were you need to invest points in to it in order to produce milk i have also noticed you tend to produce more from eating food not enemy’s, in the mods setting menu you can also enable a breast meter to see if you have any milk at all.

Oh, I see. Thank you!

just in case your looking to craft a (infusion table) you get EXP for skills via eating anything the only exception to this is food with buffs but no food value