Starbound Race Mod - The Chubsters (Artists needed)

Hello! I am currently working on a small fat related race mod for Starbound. Before you ask, yes, it’s compatible with Big Fatties and in fact, the compatibility for weight-gain is built straight into the race mod.

This mod seeks to add a small race to Starbound called the Chubster. They’re very similar to humans, so much that some call them a sub-species of humans, but there are a few differences. The Chubsters’ normal weight is what most humans would consider fat, and their entire life revolves around fat and being fat.

This mod is actually kind of bare-bones at the moment. We really need some spriters/artists so that we can make the sprites actually resemble being fatter than the normal human sprite. This also includes the Big Fatties weight gain stages.

We’re also planning on adding some racial effects, when we figure out how. Basically, the Chubsters’ will be slightly slower and their jump height will be a bit below average but, they can take more hits and naturally have more health.

One last thing, since the model of the race differs from the normal skinny humanoid type shapes of the vanilla races, clothes will not work. When we find a spriter, we’ll see if we can make custom clothes that fit, like how Big Fatties adds the different sizes of clothes for different stages of weight gain.

Installation instructions:
First, you’ll need a character extender. Basically these add more species slots to your game.
Then, just download the mod Chubster Race (953.1 KB) and unzip the folder. Put the .pak file in your Starbound mod folder and you should be set.

Keep in mind that this mod does not need Big Fatties to work, but it’s highly encouraged that you add it.


So uh, slight problem, whenever I boot up the game, it shows the chuckling fish, then crashes, I took out the mod, and then it worked fine, any suggestions? Also, thank you for making this for the community :smiley:


Yeah, this mod doesn’t work for me either.