Starting a Pathinder 1e Game w/ Kink Elements

As the title states, I am interested in starting a campaign using Pathfinder 1e which will involve miscellaneous fetishy elements. I should add right here, though, that though it will frequently feature said elements, that does not mean it will focus on them. Expect there to be actual plot and progression, and not just a rules-based gainfest

Experience Level: So, a bit of preface. I am not nearly as experienced of a DM as some veterans may be, but I do still have a few years running D&D 5e sessions under my belt. Admittedly, I have not run a campaign in Pathfinder 1e, or even played in one, though I have read the rulebooks for the better part of a year at this point. Which is to say, please be patient with me if I need to look up a rule or two at various points, though expect the writing to be decent enough

Player Info: For players, I am looking for a 4-6 player party. Lack of experience with Pathfinder is perfectly fine, though I’d very much appreciate it if applicants would have at least some experience with any tabletop rpg, as explaining from the ground up entirely would be particularly arduous for me. If you’re a particularly competent learner though, it’s fine. I am going to, by default, allow ALL races from the Inner Sea Races book (if you would like to know what that entails, ask below) and all classes from the CRB, Ultimate Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat book, Ultimate Wilderness book, Ultimate Class Guide, and Ultimate Magic (which is to say, every officially published class).

Time Elements/OOC Requirements: Schedule-wise, I have a very unpredictable work schedule at the time, but I am anticipating that I will be able to reliably run sessions at 6 PM CST (or 11 PM UTC) on any day Mon-Fri. I am anticipating sessions will run 4-5 hours, though that will likely fluctuate a bit early on. Players are REQUIRED to have a Discord account for ease of group communication and sharing of resources, Laptop to use Roll20 (which will have the maps), and Roll20 account (basic will do). Additionally, if everyone has a functional microphone and set of earplugs or a headset, then I will put it up to a vote as to whether sessions are fully text or a combination of voice and text

RULES (Read):

  1. I am going to be running a campaign with fetish-y elements, so it is only to reasonable to expect some of those elements to bleed into the actual roleplay and game elements. I am perfectly comfortable with innuendo, fanservice, and sex appeal, but I am not going to tolerate sex itself in group rp. If you wish to engage in an erp session, take it to PM’s.
  2. If you wish to join this campaign, which will have fetish elements, then I am going to have that you are 18 years of age or older. Presumably, if you’re able to read this, then you already should be 18+, but I am going to state it anyways: I will not allow minors into this campaign, and if I find out someone lied about their age to get in after the fact, I will not only immediately kick them, I will report them here abut having lied about their age
  3. If you want to join this campaign, I need to make sure you’re reading the rules. So, when I get to messaging you, I’m going to ask you if you’ve read the rules. If you have, then don’t respond yes or no. Instead, respond “Verily, as my word is my honor, I shall uphold your tenets of order”. Yes, it’s cheesy and cliche and stupid. Will it be something most people would respond with normally? No, so I know that if you do respond, you’ve probably read the rules
  4. I will admit, I am not an expert on Pathfinder 1e rules, so I will be tolerant of some rules lawyering. However, only so long as it does not impede fun or flow - if some explanation is needed for some rules, so be it. But don’t argue said matters too long
  5. I will allow races that don’t have racial traits (aka, creatures from the Bestiaries) under VERY specific conditions. If you’d like to play one, let me know asap and we can get to discussing said conditions and what is a viable creature to play as. I am allowing fairly minimal rp, but if there is something you would like approved (after being confirmed as a player), send it my way and I’ll see if it is something I could allow

How do I join? Simple: Just respond below with whether you’d like to be a player or spectate, and I’ll get to messaging you regarding that at some point within the next few weeks. I’ll be making a response here myself once player slots are filled up, but I’m not gonna close the actual thread or anything - that way, if you’d like to be a spectator, I could still get to chatting with you and sending you the relevant links

While I’ve never played pathfinder before I have some experience with dnd and a few other tabletop games. The only thing I’m curious about is which fetishes are going to be explored.

Now, I am worried about spoiling things for down the line or whatever, but Pathfinder has these things called Prestige Classes that you can get into once you’ve played your share of sessions.

One of these is ideal for the kink, kind of. Maybe more, its been a few years since I looked at what possibilities Pathfinder has to it.

In other news, I am slightly interested in joining a text game. I have way more experience with TTRPGs, than I do with fetish content.

I assume most people do.

Let me clarify - I’ll be allowing any prestige classes that don’t require an evil allignment. I know the prestige class you’re thinking of Degen, but can’t recall if it does or doesn’t. I’ll need to check. In regards to ReadmyStory’s question, the only one I’m including by DEFAULT is weight gain, but other fetishes may be included should the vast majority (e.g., 2/3) of the party agree on them being included

Far as I can see, their alignment isnt set in stone. Their devotion to spellcasting leads to many of them becoming neutral however. Player would need to have roughly gotten their sixth level (depends on the type of spellcaster), be a spellcaster and used two feats to do this however.
I didn’t want to say which class it was, maybe it’d be a plot hook or something. That, and I wouldn’t choose it.
To put it simply, the more I look at this system again, the more interested I am.

Notice: The player roster has been fully gathered! You are still able to join as a spectator, though!