Status of the Site 2022 Part 3 - Update on the Main Site

Good day everyone! Sorry for being a day late on this. I was away from my computer for most of yesterday and by the time I got back it was way to late to post anything. That being said I am very happy to post the 3rd and final update where we go over some of our plans and updates on the main site!

General Update & Status

So as some of you may know we have been working quite hard on an like site that we have been calling the “Main Site” that can be used to host and search for games much easier then here on the forums. For those of you who may have not seen some of our screen shots on twitter here is a few screen shots of our alpha from one of our dev builds to give you all an idea of how it is looking.


Right now I am working hard on getting the project page and upload system finished up. After that we just need to secure down the endpoints, make some adjustments to the real time search, add some hooks for keep track of statics that devs may want, and prep AWS for deployment.

While I have been hesitant to state any hard dates, I am very happy with the progress thus far and the system architecture we now have in place. Barring anything major causing major disruptions I feel its safe to say we are aiming to have an alpha out by the end of this year!

Alpha Features

Here is a small list of some of the features we have planned for initial release and that will be added to the alpha a bit latter. This is not an extensive list but should give a bit of a clear idea on what we are working on.

Initial Release

  • Supported Game Types
    • Application
    • Web Application (JS/HTML5)
    • External Web Application
  • Real Time Search/Filtering
  • Basic Access Control Lists
  • Branches (Dev/Testing/Release)
  • Changelogs
  • Screen Shots
  • Video Embeds

Later Releases

  • Default Filtering Preferences/Search Customization
  • Patreon Support
  • Advanced Access Control Lists
  • User ID Tokens for Web and External Web Apps to use to authenticate users on the site
  • Groups
  • Dev Blogs

Who will get Access

Everyone, for the most part, but we are going to be limiting the devs that can upload to the main site to help us keep the costs controlled so we do not collapse under a sudden cost increase and to help us ensure the stability of the site as we slowly open it up. In general access to devs will be given in 3 phases:

Phase 1 - Initial Release

During initial release access to uploading projects will only be given to a small handful of devs and will be invite only and will mainly be looking for devs that will also work with us to help us test the site. We plan the initial group to be around 5 at first, then expanding it to 10 soon after that. We may grant access to more or less devs depending on how it goes.

Phase 2 - Limited Public Opening

During this phase we will be allowing devs to apply for upload access to the main site. We will put out a google forum for devs to use to apply and we will grant access based on what the project is and how we feel the system is currently handling the load/cost. At this point users should expect to see the home page of the site change form the forums to the main site.

Phase 3 - Full Public Opening

As it says on the tin, full public opening. All users will be able to create and upload projects to the main site. That all being said if we see a really large spike in costs or the site seems to be having some issues we may have to roll back to phase 2 until we can get them sorted.

Increase in Operating Costs

Now while we are excited to finally be getting close to releasing, we are not excited to see how our operating costs are going to increase. We expected our current costs to increase between $300-$500 a month. Luckily, between ad sense and our wonderful patreons, we should be able to take the initial hit fine.

That being said we do not know for sure how much costs are going to go up especially since bandwidth costs are really difficult to accurately estimate and our ad-sense may take a bit of a hit if we do not have it integrated into the main site by the time we move onto phase 2. Due to that I am going to plug our patreon here incase anyone wants to help out:

All in all I think that is most of everything from our meeting. If anyone has any questions or would like to know more feel free to ask below!


Can you tell us how games will be put on the service starting in phase 2?

Devs will be responsible for uploading their games during phase 2. We wont upload anything directly, just grant the selected devs permission to upload directly to the site.

If you are asking how we will be evaluating the applications it will be a combination of how active the project is, what kind of game is it, how popular the project is, and if the dev is working on or has worked on any other projects.

For example if we are wanting to test mods we may search for applications where the project is a mod. Or if we want to stress test the system we may pick projects that we see get a fair amount of traffic or have highly searched tags on the forums. In the reverse if the system is struggling and we want to ramp it up more slowly we may choose devs with projects that historically do not get a ton of traffic on the forums, ect, ect.

While I have been among those hoping for measures to improve the site via a forum-independent front-end, I am concerned that the extra cost of extending this to site-hosting of games both opens the site to increased liabilities as well as massively inflating server costs beyond what the user base is capable of sustaining.

A directory with hotlinks set by approved creators and confirmed by staff should be sufficient for overcoming primary issues of presenting and accessing games, setting categories and filters based on game content and allowing users to follow and receive updates when their favourite games are updated.

A fair idea and might be a good alternative to pull back to if needed, but we would prefer not to do that as it only pushes further costs onto the devs which makes its harder for people to justify getting into developing games. Also, as far as the liabilities go those wont change either way.

That being said I have run the numbers and we would not be doing this if we did not think it was feasible, and if @kilif and I did not think we can shoulder the burden in the short term.