[Still Open] Looking for DM/Group for Inflation Based DnD Campaign

Hey there! I’m a newbie DnD player looking for either a DM or party members to run through an inflation-based campaign with me. I absolutely adore blueberries as well as other fruit transformations, but I’m more than happy to include different types or forms of inflation. I have yet to play a campaign out to it’s entirety so I may not be the best at the mechanics, but I’m more than happy to learn. I’d like to do something set in the Forgotten Realms, but I’m open to anything as long as it’s interesting and creative! I’m not looking to do anything too serious, since I’m a bit bad with the mechanics at the moment. Most of the fun for me is creating fun characters and having them explore the world. Just a bit about me. I mostly only play female characters and the few DnD characters I have conceptualized are females. A few of the kinks I’m looking to include are: Tentacles, Force-Feeding, Blueberry inflation/Fruit Transformation, Bad Ends, Bimboification, Corruption, Hucow transformation, Milking, Lactation, Hourglass inflation, Breast/ass inflation, Lip Expansion, and Bondage.
Hit me up if you’re interested!
My discord is belle_dame7

Sure. Do you do Discord?

i’d love to, it’d be my first DnD game ever

I was wondering if you had any DnD experience since I probably won’t be the best at explaining the mechanics

It’s been a while since I’ve played but if possible I’d like to join too

I’d be interested in joining. I have played a lot DnD, although never with kink elements before.
I’d prefer to be a player if possible, but could also take the role of DM

I’ve played dnd for a while. I’d love to join

I’ve kinda been out of steam lately, but if you’re looking for an experienced DM, I could try to whip something up. Just need the right inspiration and motivation, if y’all are interested.

would love to join as a player to a game! my discord is terminallycapricious

Hey. Me again. Can you hit me up? I got a D&D Discord server, And it’s good. I can send you the link for it and anyone to join up:

If possible I’m interested, Discord link was invalid but I’m not new to DnD and may be willing to help either set up the sessions or teach newer players

If this is still open, I’d love to!