Story Prompts



Ello everyone! I know it’s not necessarily gaming, but I wanna do some wg themed writing. Can people send me little prompts to write about?


An alternate universe where fat women are seen as trendy and fashionable, and strive to be heavier then their boyfriends and husbands.


Cute, I’m into it. Would the guys be fat too but the gals bigger? Or are jacked guys going around with blob gals?


I think the guys should be skinny, that way the girls seem softer in comparison. That’s my preference though lol. I like to think of it like Yin and Yang


A 100% female society where more fat = more prestige. However, mobility scooters are banned as to humble the elite.


How about a feedee meeting their feeder in public for the first time. The feeder has been sending money to the feedee but now it’s time to move in together and go for immobility.