Stretching/Creaking Sounds effects for BF popping mod

hey there! i’m here looking for some help for my friend Joliair (idk if they have an account on here, ik they’re in the BigFatties mod discord) to get ahold of some more belly stretching/creaking sound effects or a good source for them. among this we’re also possibly looking at getting a new popping sound effect for the mod

Edit: i meant to mention earlier, but for the popping sound we’re looking for a ything that kinda gives a “bloosh” affect, since it’s kind of a pop full of liquid (lard in this sense)


Oh man, there’s this repository from a YouTube video I found, but I’m not sure what the licenses on them all are. You’d be best off looking at something like ZapSplat for SFX.

They have free access to most of their library with attribution, but since you probably don’t want to bother they have royalty-free access to ALL of their stuff for 4 British pounds/5 US dollars a month and 30 pounds/38 US dollars a year.
Which, given what other repositories tend to charge, is pretty much nothing. That license also doesn’t expire after the membership does.

Their selection’s pretty great too, though some creativity might be required to get exactly what you’re looking for. If you find anything with them that you need edited, let me know and I can fix 'em up gratis. ^^

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I was going to make a mod for the game that was solely on body inflation, with elements like popping. And no, it won’t be compatable with BF.

Don’t know if you found anything for this but I found these sound effects digging through leupai’s old starbound mod explode1.7z (988.5 KB)

Just wanna ask if this is something being made or already made? If so where can I find it?

It’s already made actually, and if you want to find it i believe they’ve posted files in the starbound bigfatties discord, otherwise there’s also an accompanyment discord of one of the BF servers he posts regular updates in. I may ask him of i’d have permission to post the mod up on these forums though, of course with credit

Would it be possible for the creator of the popping mod to upload it to the site? While I’m not a fan of popping entirely, the concept of being brought close to popping, but not, is something I am a fan of, and it would be fun to mess around with in the game.

I don’t have a discord for the email I use for this kind of stuff, so I wouldn’t be able to join the discord to get the mod, so it would be nice for it to be uploaded here.

i can ask him if he’ll make a thread post about it, it would be nice to have his mod out here

these are pretty good SFX! though, i do have to ask, i’m interested in this old starbound mod, any chance you have the files for it?

im looking for liquid sloshing sounds plz help

Yo hey! I was actually looking around for this. Do you still have the files of the mod? I am really interested in seeing what it has in it.