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This is perhaps a silly question, but this seems the place to ask. With internet browsers now dropping their flash support at the end of the month, what’s a good substitute for games like No One’s RPG? Will I need to do anything special to run them, or would it be as simple as right clicking and going “Open with…”

Remember seeing this video: Flash Game Preservation (AKA Life after the Death of Flash) | Flashlight - YouTube

There is also this one as well: How To Still Use Flash On Websites After Flash Support Has Been Removed (e.g. in 2020, 2021, 2022)? - YouTube

Hopefully they help.

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From a players perspective you can still download and play flash games on your local PC by downloading the flash runtime. That being said since adobe has EoL flash as a whole I am sure finding it is going to become harder and harder as time goes on. I hear some sites like Newgrounds and Armor Games which have flash heavy catalogs are working on flash emulators to continue to run the flash content on their site (likely through HTML5 Canvas or some sort of Web Assembly).

From a creator side the major choices are HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, and Web Assembly. The main issue is the tooling that made flash so popular is not there yet for many of these platforms; though the sun setting of Flash has kick started a few mainly for Canvas that aim to bring a flash like experience and while I have not played with the new Abode Animate I’m sure it has to have at least Canvas support with flash being dropped.


I’v been using JPEXS as it can both play flash games and open them up for datamining and modding.

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Flashpoint has been archiving all the flash games across the net for since the announcement(which includes the ones that aren’t safe for kids or work(And you have to toggle on the “extreme content”, it’s not on by default)).

I don’t work with them, but I’m spreading the word for those that don’t know.

Also, what’s No One’s RPG? That doesn’t sound familiar.


Ah, fair warning(I forgot until I went back though it), they’ve been archiving EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. From flash gems like MARDEK and the Epic Battle Fantasy games, to weird shit you’d find on one of those weird flash sites, and as for extreme content, they have a bit of everything(from loli and furry, to scat and femboy(the vore and fat stuff isn’t very prevalent, but they have games like fatty text adventure game)). I expect MOST wouldn’t be to an individual’s preference, so I highly recommend getting the light package(You have to be connected to the internet the first time you play something so that it can be downloaded, you still have access to the ENTIRE lineup, but this saves space, until you download it).
You can also delete anything you don’t want/like from the ingame list(click once on a game or animation, and you should see a trashcan icon in the upper right of the description(you might have to enable editing first)and double click that).

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