Succubus of Gluttony V0.12 - Work Resumed 28/03/24

Behold! A thing! So I’ve been going back and forward for a while on whether or not to do this. I’m an electronic engineer with a minor in software engineering so the coding’s not an issue and I’ve written some smut before and am entwined within the ever-controversial AI art community so I thought it was finally time to make a game, put it in beta for 7 years and eventually give up on it. As a wise homunculus once said: “eW aI aRt bAd!!!” But isn’t it about the journey, not the destination?

This VN will eventually consist of a core gameplay loop of feed, keep happy, belly rubs etc etc etc. Hoping for a similar type dealio to tiggertoo’s The weighting Game: The Weighting Game - WIP
As that was the most enjoyable format in my opinion and I’ve played nearly every game this site has to offer.

Core elements will include but may not be limited to:

  • Weight gain
  • Stuffing
  • Slight Domination (Female → Male)
  • Corruption
  • Scripted scenes
  • Core gameplay loop with 3 or 4 variations as the story progresses
  • Did I mention weight gain yet?

The core story of the game is based on but is not married to a series I wrote for DA of the same title:

Behold! Update 0.12! Nearly ready to say goodbye to the 1st loop and flesh out the 2nd. There have been many balancing changes, tweaks and a bucket of typo corrections so please peruse the change log at your own leisure. Or don’t and find plenty of new delicious broken bits in my time killer.

Known Bugs:

  • Stuffing sequence not yet implemented (choose to keep feeding her at the end of the stuffing cycle)


  • Introduction, that’s it


  • Added a fledgeling core gameplay loop. This consists of practising cooking, foraging for groceries in the wilderness (probably Aldi) and summoning Yevena
    -Added the initial stage 1 summoning (Each weight stage will have an introductory section that is scripted but your choices do still affect the story progression. If you’re feeling particularly crazy try maxing out cooking (level 10) and see what dialogue options are available.
    Notes on new mechanics:
  • Groceries: Buying food is free as you’re a big tech startup guy (it’s canon, read the book heathens) The amount of “Food Supply” you acquire is randomised. In the future, it will be weighted but as of now it’s a 33% chance to gain 2, 5 or 8. Your total will be displayed in the hub area (your living room) in the future. This affects what meals and beverages you can offer yevena and these have a direct impact on her weight
  • Cooking: Cooking is a skill that many do not possess and in the beginning, you are one of these non-possessors (it’s a word). Improving your cooking is also random and will be weighted in the future except your cooking skill can decrease if you mess up. In the future’s future, this will be a minigame but for now, it’s a button. Cooking skill affects what meals you can offer Yevena, if you manage to hit the 2nd or 3rd threshold (level 4 and 8 for now) you will see different meals being offered in the stage 1 intro.
  • Secrets: In the rest of the updates the secrets will be… well… secret, however, the 1st one is free. If you enter the stage 1 introduction with a cooking skill of 10 (max) and 10 or more food supply there will be a 3rd dialogue option towards the end of the stage 1 introduction with a neat piece of artwork that will someday be added to a gallery you can peruse in-game.


  • Fleshed out the 1st core gameplay loop
  • Added a stats menu, this may change locations, be added to or removed from later but it should be enough of an indication as to what’s going on.
  • Added the 1st draft of the 2nd stage intro.
  • 1 new weight stage with 2 possible outfits (after the game goes to credits keeps summoning her to have a random chance at which outfit is generated, the game breaks at this point though so no weight will be gained)
  • Added 1 new gallery image (gallery still pending planning permission)


  • Various typos fixed and some scenes have been reworded to better reflect the intended message of the text (I no speaky too good sometimes)
  • Food supply is now capped at 100 and will not exceed that
  • Abstract values for yevena’s weight should no longer be possible and it should round to 2 decimal places
  • Cooking skill has been reworked to reflect everyone universally hating being bad at something doesn’t make you better at that thing. There is now a 10% chance cooking skills will decrease by 1 as opposed to a 33% chance. To reflect this change there is now also only a 10% chance cooking skills will increase by 0.8 vs 33% of +2. 40% chance of +0.2 and 40% chance of +0.4. I’ll keep tweaking these numbers between versions depending on common opinion but at some point, I’ll have to put my dictator hat on, whip out a cigar and say “It is what it is”.
  • You now need 10 food supplies to practice cooking. The cost is 10 regardless of the outcome. I might change this because surely if you make good food you don’t end up with no food. Idk I’ll see how the rest of the balancing works out.
  • Rebalanced alcohol vs food fullness. This makes sense in my mind as cooking the food requires an investment. Giving beer requires spam clicking “buy groceries” for 30 seconds.
  • Tweaked weight gain system. Food adds drastically less weight but digestion rates has been buffed. Fullness quantity per food option has been added to the menu. I’m not mean enough to make you guys spreadsheet a 5 minutes renpy demo. TLDR: Cooked food takes fewer supplies than alcohol for the same fullness (or more in the case of the cooking level 10 item) and increased weight.

Alright, I think I’ve information bombed you guys enough. Enjoy and staple your notes to the noticeboard below. 3-ply TP for that though please, the ink runs through single ply and I can’t read it then.


When you say you’re entwined with the AI art community, does that mean the visual assets for the game are going to be computer generated?

Yes, in fact, they almost all exist in totality. I am many things, a con-man, happy drunk, middling engineer but I am no artist and as such unless I have a stroke and develop savant syndrome specifically for hentai they will all be generated using NovelAI


“make a game, put it in beta for 7 years and eventually give up on it”
Finally someone who realizes it beforehand!

You’re a funny person,I wish you the best in this endeavour.

Also before someone says it,since they will

eW aI aRt bAd!!!


Your words of wisdom have been eternalized in the introductory post. I wish myself the best in this endeavour also as it would make it the 3rd fetish game to ever be completed. (RIP Forks, gone but never forgotten).

In all seriousness though, thanks for the support! I’m currently working on the sprites for the UI for the main gameplay. The scripted events will play like most visual novels with multiple choice events and heavy dialogue but I want the main gameplay to be more substantial with minigames (that preferably don’t suck but I’ll take what I can get) and some form of resource management.


I would just like to say for the record… This has been up for 2hrs, I made it very clear that it was barebones AT BEST. And there’s been over 250 downloads… What am I supposed to do with this information… This community astounds me, great job guys, now I have to actually do something with this game rather than leaving it on the cutting room floor indefinitely

Now that I’ve actually had time to play it:
First of all I love your writing already,
Actually that was it…
It hurts me to be that girl but I think its “cuisine” and not “quisine” and “kudos” and not “cudos”.
Also you wrote “gluttonu” instead of “gluttony” in the main menu.

Also if anybody wonders,it does work perfectly fine on joiplay for android.


GiRl… Sorry, involuntary response (internally “This is why we don’t have friends”) Did i actually write quisine? Oh my god, that’s it, I’m deleting everything. The gluttonu thing is weird, it’s because I typo’d the game name (like an idiot) when I created the project, I then renamed it and it fixed it everywhere… Or so I thought. Cudos was a stab in the dark but hey, 50/50 chance right and sweet, I didn’t actually make an android build so good to see the PC version works. What were the graphics like? Was it landscape, did the images stretch or look weird?

Glad you like the writing style, I get a bit silly with it sometimes and have to physically restrain myself from making 4th wall breaks to poke fun at tropes or sappy writing (although there is atleast 1 if not 2 instances of me doing this in the source material)

Oh calm yourself,nothing to worry about I’m not really a girl to anyone but myself and friends lol (as to say,I’m trans).

I think they’re fine,just as good as any other renpy game I ever played (Except fill me up,thats a bit fucky on joiplay). Landscape is when its on its side right? It is,but I don’t know if thats a renpy thing,as all games I play on joiplay are forced by it to be landscape.
If for some reason you’d ever want to change size of the gui specifically for mobile,there should be a section at the very end of the gui file in the game. I think.
Its what i usually do to fix games that are unreadable,but this was fine.

I absolutely adore the style yeah,I’m one to constantly break the 4th wall and be silly myself.
Sadly in official documents too,probably why my career’s been terrible lol

This is how it looks on phone

Shit sorry my phone keeps closing the message box,probably because its so big.
I was meaning to spoiler the image but i can’t go back now,should i delete

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Oh good, I was worried it would get pinched and Yevena’s most prominent assets would end up 12 pixels wide… Afterall, what’s a succubus without her horns? (That’s as good as the subversion gets guys I’m here all night). There is an option when compiling to format it for android. When there’s more game in the game I’ll do that, wouldn’t want it to break the super groundbreaking UI I have planned… (Buttons)

And while I’m not here to debate the ethics of transsexuality, trans-identity etc etc as a wise comedian once said “If I think therefore I am, do they think therefore they am” You are what you say you are and that makes you wamen so i maintain my previous statement.

Check out the source material (linked in the intro) if it’s not too much to ask and you can see where the writing goes. If the glowing portal that I spent more time on than the rest of the introduction combined is any indication, I like to finish a section rather than come back to it so I’ll probably overcomplicate, crash, burn, restart the engines and then flood them a few times before the next update is out so that novel with it’s visuals may still be as close to a visual novel as this ever gets.


Oh yeah, and for anyone that cares. This smut filled story is actually part of an expanded universe with lore and shiznit that I never finished writing so yeah, check out these for lore tie-ins and such:

or (although far from my best work and partially written by a chatGPT enabled toaster)

I didn’t even notice she had horns!
I was enthralled by her big,wide eyes!

I can’t wait for the buttons update!


Pah,classic, immediately shilling their stuff! How disgraceful!

But yeah of course,I’ll put it in my “list of fanfics to read later” on deviantart,which is only at least a few hundred items.
But I’ll bump yours up the list just because I like you,or something.

And totally not because now I have expectations to fulfill and will be anxious about it!

Anyway keep it up,or don’t!

Oh yeah, eye’s huh, something, something “Don’t ask me the colour of anything”

Buttons will be lit, all clickable and shit, might even give them hover overs

Shilling the books when you bring out the videogame tie in is like 90% of bring out a videogame tie in and I’m too invested in the uhhhhh “story telling” and uhhhh “world building” of the fanfics for later pile to let them sit too long.

Lastly and most importantly… HOW DARE YOU foist your expectations upon me, might delete this later, who knows, your name will be cited on it’s tombstone :rofl: :rofl:


So, in my infinite wisdom (yes, infinite, I checked) I have made a decision… When I’m actively working on this, updates will come hard and fast and while I can hear all 3 of you typing I must insist that this is an amazing idea.

Seeing how no two people on the internet have ever had a difference of opinion I think it’s fair to say this will go one of two ways… Everyone will love it and I’ll be heralded in as the next god of this sandbox we call life or everyone will hate it and my home address will be leaked by this time tomorrow. Either way, I see no negatives.

Essentially I myself prefer regular updates rather than waiting anywhere from 6 months to 3 years only to find out it was all back-end quality of life changes and the characters are all the same size they were last year, no fun. So while things may MAJORLY change from one update to the next I think for my own peace of mind that pumping updates out as I get them and receiving all of the completely positive feedback will help spur me on.

This has been a very long-winded way of saying that version 0.1 will be live by the end of this calendar day, I don’t know for which timezones but it’s safe to say Thailand missed their chance.


Aw man…poor Thai…s? Thai people? Thailandians??
Or is it Siamese?

All i can say is,do what you want to do,as you feel like it,you shouldn’t kill yourself over a fetish game.
Burnout be a bitch,overwork be a bitch,I be a bitch.

Or do,the important thing is that you do what you want,how you want.
This isn’t a job,you should enjoy it.

Ha,imagine enjoying creating art and not constantly hating yourself over your product.
(I don’t like calling this a product but I can’t actually think of a different word,engliss is not my langugg pls no bulli)

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You dare point out my typos with such groundbreaking innovation as “langugg” :rofl: :rofl:

It’s more that this will be the update style I will trend towards, I don’t like sitting on stuff. I tried scheduled uploads with DeviantArt and it actually lead to burnout because I would make a few pieces or write a few entries in a story and then schedule them but whenever I would go back to do something else the mentality of “Well I have stuff scheduled why bother” was at the back of my mind. So I’d rather upload as it’s available and at least then my ass backward think box doesn’t have an excuse to shoot my motivation.

And I have never once enjoyed anything in my life and I stand by that notion

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I understand that,when I have motivation to do something (once a year) I must do it that exact moment,a minute later and I just can’t.

Well I enjoy many things,such as bloating forum project boards with tangentially relevant personal information!

(I am sorry,it’s just that when someone writes to me I feel bad for not answering,even if I know it doesn’t necessitate it)

That’s perfectly fair, I like to believe that anyone that liked the main post is here purely for what constitutes a private chat and not the game itself, we must keep the fans up to date with new content :laughing:

Yeah, motivation is seldom there and often fleeting

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Love the premise for this, demon girls are the best. Also hyped for buttons!


I have some bad news on the buttons. I tried, I’ve been going back and forward with marketing and they’ve decided we need to hold the buttons update hostage and launch it as a DLC to boost revenue. I tried guys, I tried…