Suggestion for a mod: Walking fatties, anyone?

So, I’ve got this idea a while ago and even tried doing something with it myself, but failed because I lack skill, motivation and etc. Anyway, the idea is simple - while gaining weight, characters retain ability to walk normally, as most fat goes to hips and breasts (fat may still go to belly though, don’t worry), and apparently their bones grow longer and stronger as well. This could be implemented as an alternate weight gaining mode, and, even have it’s own pros and cons. For example, walking as REALLY big fatty, aka blob, causes the ground to shake and maybe even damage the floor if it isn’t strong enough! Imagine what happens when a fatty like this jumps! Either way, I just want to throw this idea in and hope that someone uses it, now or later, will they credit me or not (hopefully not), I don’t care, I just want to see it in action someday. Discuss about it here or share art of what would YOU exactly want it to look like and anything else.
EDIT: To be fair, there’s no point in anyone claiming the idea, as there are a lot of people who also could’ve suggested it, after all only matters who implemented it into game, right?


Sounds great, though I have no idea how you could implement such a thing in starbound

Which thing exactly? Ground shaking and floor damage? Yeah, that might be hard, but I am sure it is possible. After I’ve seen various people do incredible stuff just because they know how to code properly, I refuse to believe that it is impossible to take one of bosses’ ground shaking effect and apply it to character’s walking at certain sizes. I know, this sounds like I want someone else to do my work, but I doubt it’s only me who wants that to be added, plus, once I get myself over some problems, I might as well start learning how to mod Starbound.

I’m sure it’s possible. One of the mods on here allows falling on enemies to damage them, and of course the bigger you are the more damage you do. Not sure how what you’re proposing could work, but I’m sure someone will figure it out

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Mostly the floor damage, but then again I’m not much of a modder so take my word with a grain of salt, or a handful.

Why not just eventually give the player the sounds and floor breaking from the mech walking and landing? Those sound good enough and damage the floor

Not entirely sure which exact sounds and floor breaking effect you mean, though it’s probably because I haven’t played in a while, but if you think will fit better, probably it really will! Though I still think that ground shaking effect for walking blobs would be good, and I think it could be scrapped from Ixodoom’s fight

The mech has it’s own sounds for walking that sound way heavier than normal footsteps, plus if you jump high enough and land you can break the floor on impact if the blocks arent strong enough

Mmm, sounds that mech makes when walking in current game version aren’t quite fitting, in my opinion, the sounds are clearly mechanical, so those sounds would do good only for Glitches, though I am not sure if it is a good idea to make separate sounds for different races. But the trick with ground breaking might just work, at specific falling height and maybe even change with character’s size.

To be fair, I’ve felt extremely empty for long while now, maybe starting working on something, like this idea, would help me get out of my social bubble and achieve some self-realization. Guess I’ll try working on sprites, because that was the best thing I could do 1 to 3 years ago. I’ll try my best at it, though I might not always have time for that, so the work might go pretty slow. If someone’s willing to help, I will gladly accept, as firstly, it’s hard for one person to do all things at once, and secondly, it will just take me more time to learn coding and other stuff myself. But if I’d have to do it alone, I still would at least try, because I don’t want to hope for other people to make my small wish come true without my own doings. I suppose, it’s needless to keep this channel, I’ll try to either convert it to a small mod-mod project or make a new one and remove this one. But that’s tomorrow, now I’ll try to get some sleep.
P.S. - I also appreciate any help offerings, as I am only person working on this right now, and I am far not the best at anything so… yeah, help is more than welcome.