suggestion: sucrose planets

so, been having one really dumb thought, figure i’d post it here

candy planets.

yeah, i know it be kinda of hard to get the generation for it to work, but two types of “dessert world” planets. a regular generated planet, with blocks of various food stuffs, which 100% could be made into furniture, and a “milkshake ocean” planet with fattening liquid seas.

essentially think of them like those weird food absed levels in a number of platforming games, like


It’s a great idea, having all the minable blocks be edible, though with how the planets would work I doubt you’d get much minerals unless you dig really deep (though if you change the core to hot chocolate that would be cool).


It would definitively be a very cool addition to big fatties, it even has potential to be part of the premise of a completely original game, i would definitively use a milkshake terraformer on my planet itmediatly lol.


sadly oceanic planets don’t have any terraformers for mechanical reasons, so I would assume that only the non-oceanic types would have terraformers

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