Suggestion to help organize games better

There should be multiple categories in the games section that organize games based on what tags they have applied to them. For example there would be sections like: weight gain, inflation, female, male, human, furry, ect. Maybe to combat the issue of games with multiple tags we could have different categories within main categories. Here’s a poorly made example of how I think it should be done:

it’s not great and stuff can always be added if I’m missing stuff but you get the idea. I hope this is good feedback :slight_smile:


Its not a bad idea but Discourse by design will not allow for more than 2 categories deep so if we had a games category we would only be able to do the Male, Female, Both subcategories. This may seem odd but the reason Discourse does this is to make navigation simpler. This was actually a problem on the old forums where there where so many subcategories that it became a hassle to navigate around and hid content.

I do want to say that we do hope to be able to solve most of these issues once I can get the actual main site up. I just need more time to work on it DX


Oh there’s a main site? What’s that gonna look like?

Something a bit more like but with a focuses on fetish content


This is actually fascinating to hear about! I don’t mind the site in its’ current state since I feel it at least gets the job done well enough (I can look for games, get updates on followed topics, etc.) but am certainly intrigued by what the finished, main site will look like!

Out of curiosity though, considering things like costs of running the sites, will this particular forum remain up alongside the new, main site, or will there be a complete migration over to the main one while this forum is shut down/archived?

The forums will stay up as the community portion of the site. We have no plans on tearing this down once the main site goes up. We actually have some integrations planned with the main site that will create subcategories automatically for games when they are posted on the main site though we are still investigating it.

As for costs its really not that bad but we work hard to know what corners we can cut. Storage costs is going to be the larger question though and that is just going to be hard for us to estimate till we open the main site up and start getting some games on it.

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