Suggestions to Expand the Mod (Potential Additions and Add-ons)

Add Big Fatties Clothing support for the Avali Maid Outfit

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i think that when your blob size you should be immune to cold or when your on a desert you over heat

SO! I just had an idea for a new race (idk how hard this would be to impliment, but, they are called “Lardkin” unless you got something better, name doesn’t matter. Either way, It’s basicly a playable version of all those blob monsters around, and a bit more humanoid and stuff.
So yeah, that is my idea


1: I dunno how to feel about suggesting something to a “dead chat”
2: I feel like this change would be super difficult to do because of the changing in enemy behavior, possible respiting, detecting player states, etc.

I was thinking of an idea for the Jelly Slimes by Tobais1595 to effectively put the slimes into certain “combat” types rather than just sit next to you and fatten you up. Maybe something like an addon to the slime mod that fundamentally but optionally changes the slimes (can have the regular slimes if you’d like). The big change as mentioned would be that being in a slime’s proximity will no longer fatten you up (the slime just hops around you and makes you gain weight even if you do not manually eat it), but instead are dividend into different roles/archetypes

Red: Charge in at full speed towards the player. If they manage to touch the player/get into the player hitbox, they’ll instantly stuff themselves as if the player had manually nomed away their health bar away

Blue: Unlike the other slimes this one does not directly fatten you. Instead it clings to your legs to slow you down. You can manually eat them like normal to get out of the bind though it will fatten like normal.

Yellow: Will sacrifice some of their health bar to lob part of their slimy self at you. Is far more fattening than normal to balance out the fact that it can be dodged, miss, blocked, etc.

Green: Function the same as red slimes, but with a twist. If the player’s vore option is enabled, they will actually be devoured as if they were an npc to provide a much slower fattening along with taking up 3 times the stomach capacity (1 vored green slime = 3 NPCs in stomach space; can still be involuntary vored even if the player is at 100% capacity, though they cannot shove themselves into the player stomach if the player is at 200% capacity). If the vore option is not on, it will be just like the red slimes with the instant-stuffing.

Cyan: Is capable of creating decoys that make it seem like there are more slime than they actually are. However these fake slimes will have a slight “glitch” to them as you approach them or vice versa. In addition just like blue slimes these slimes will directly fatten you though they can be gobbled up if the player wants to gain more weight.

Purple: Has tentacles that can force-feed players like the feeding tank props, though it does take away the slime’s health bar. Will also slow the player down while being fed this way. For balence, only one purple slime can force feed a player at a time so that the player could eliminate other purple slimes before force feeding the player.


This discussion isn’t dead actually.

I want to admit that your suggestion can improve gameplay mechanics even further but on my own opinion it looks hella ambitious.

Even if someone will show willingness to work on it and successfully deploy this addon, this wouldn’t be an easy task. I mean up here are a lot of suggests that weren’t implemented.

But your idea is very good tho.


Just to add another few cents in here. I actually bookmarked some of the posts with the (in my eyes) more feasible ideas. Items, objects and projectiles are easy to do, monsters and their attack can be done with a bit of thought, and I recently took a dive into biomes and materials.

To summarize some of the ideas I picked up on:

  • Creating the patches for modded food has become trivial. I wrote a script that creates these patches by simply searching through the unpacked mod and creates new add-ons, which then just need the right metadata file to work properly.
  • Multi-bite food arrived in the form of the Huge Food mod by mrmoto and me, I’d say.
  • Status pod effects have recently been done. I may need a few more interesting ideas for that, though. Actually, I may as well post that thing right now.
  • Food biome and food weather may come once I finish my current biome-related project.
  • The idea with the different slime behaviours has been noted. Some of them are easier to do than the others, though. (E.g. Red and yellow are pretty straight-forward, purple and green will be tricky.) I’ll have to see.

I know it’s quite a lot of things to change I even acknowledged this at the beginning of my post.

“2: I feel like this change would be super difficult to do because of the changing in enemy behavior, possible respriting, detecting player status, etc.”

That being said, I appreciate the positive feedback and I am looking forward to the possibility of my mod idea becoming reality…if anyone is willing to make it since I suck at spriting and coding.

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0_0 The actual mod maker replied to my post and said they MIGHT make it a reality?!? I…I dunno how to respond. Thank you!

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While I have absolutely no experience with coding in Lua (or modding games in general), I’ve been very interested in making a composite mod of ‘fixes’ for the game, in order to make long-term play a bit more feasible!

Small edits include craftable weight loss potions (as well as alternate methods of loss), a ‘game over’ upon reaching the limit of the immobile stage, extra SFX to make things sound less repetitive (as well as give the illusion of heft when moving at higher weights), more ‘catch 22’ items (e.g infinite energy for a time, but at the end of the effect you gain weight proportional to the amount of energy used), incentives for strategically gaining weight/fattening NPCs (restricts use of weapons, but fat NPCs can vore you?), etc.

Some ambitious ideas include more fattening dungeons, RNG events (e.g chance to gain weight upon teleporting between star systems, debuff that causes the player to auto-mount a feeding tube and be unable to get off for a time), an obscured weight bar (you’ll now have to gauge progress in your weight level via phrases from your player), permanent weight effects (if you go to max size then go back, maybe you’ll catch bad habits and fattening items will have an exponential effect on you?), etc. I’d also love to add an item that strikes a balance between the fun parts of being fat while still allowing you to play the game; perhaps a corset that’d make you move slower, but would prevent your hitbox from changing until you reach blob stages?

Would anyone be offended if I took ideas from this thread, granted I ended up creating the mod? I’d be sure to give credit where due! :slight_smile:


Sounds like a lot, but all these ideas sound wonderful!


by all means, if you want to do so you can (:


Here’s an add-on idea: One involving crushing enemies with the player’s full body weight, especially the rear.

perhaps lactation? probably not for everyone though

I would love fat tools to let players be fat and still useable.

A few weapon ideas
-short sword/dagger that quickly fattens people
-spear that transfers a bit of the user’s fat to the enemy whenever applicable
-a (beam?) cannon of sorts that burns away the user’s fat and a bit of health (to ensure it doesn’t become an incredibly easy way to lose weight)

So, a suggestion. Along with the minimum size you can set, can we have the option to set a maximum size? I (personally) don’t like the blob sizes, as I still wanna move while playing (and NPCs keep stealing my vehicles, making me destroy them).


I’m surprised that’s not an option. Doesn’t seem like something that would be hard to implement, but I’m no programmer. I guess there simply isn’t much demand for it

Don’t know how possible this is but perhaps being able to open the food rations from space stations and getting food items from them, akin to the reward bags but just for food. Maybe including some new variants of the station itself including items from the mod.

Hey guys, I would like to ask for the support of someone more versed with coding in Starbound. I am trying to create a mod with which to add compatibility between Big Fatties and Frackin Universe. One of the things I am working on is to make some of the liquids added through FU drinkable (such as beer and their 4 types of honey). The problem is that nothing I have tried seems to work and I wanted to ask what I might be missing. I have tried the following:

  • Creating a .patch file for bigfatties.config to add the liquids from FU;
  • Overwriting bigfatties.config by adding a duplicate in my mod with the additional liquids;

When trying to drink some of the liquids found in the FU mod, nothing seems to happen. By contrast, all the liquids originally supported as drinkable do work, regardless of what I modify.

Your stuff worked for me before when i manually changed the script in the mod itself. Have you tried setting your patch to have a low priority in its metadata (ex. 9999)? Just a guess, but a patch file cant patch if its loaded in before the thing it is meant to patch.