Suggestions to Expand the Mod (Potential Additions and Add-ons)

Hello all! After using the mod throughout multiple playthroughs, having an enjoyable time along the way, I brainstormed a list of potential additions and improvements. I do not have the coding experience to implement any of these things myself, but I figure that others with such skills could make use these ideas.

As these are suggestions that could work as either an addition to the base game, or as an add-on (Like Mod Fatties), I have decided to make this its own thread, rather that posting a text block in one thread or the other.

More Sources of Fattening from Dungeons
It was a pleasant surprise when first tackling the Erchius Mining Facility to discover the fattening effects of the enemies within, along with the Erchius Horror itself. Other dungeons’ enemies and/or bosses could be modified to have similar effects, like a fattening poison from Ixodoom. Dungeons’ terrain could also be modified (I do not know about the technical feasibility of this) to include fattening hazards. One idea, as an example, was unique trap for the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns, with fattening darts.

New Effect from Status Pods
This is a far smaller addition than the one mentioned above. “Status Pods” are those odd canisters randomly scattered on planets, which can give buffs, debuffs, occasionally explode, along with all manner of other effects. An idea is to modify these to include a fattening debuff (Or buff, depending upon your perceptions of things.) to the pool of random effects.

New Structures Involving Big Fatties Items
I have thought for awhile about what the mod would be like with the additions of special structures, like an Avian temple housing the Cursed Avain Goddess statue at its core, or an Apex Test Facility where they’re experimenting with fattening test subjects. Smaller structures could include a storehouse full of food, or a trap with a pit full of Coconut Milk ("Lard’ liquid from Mod Fatties would be a more potent alternative) to force-fatten anyone who falls in. Structures such as these would add a rather interesting dynamic to planetary exploration.

Support for Modded Food
From what I’ve seen, modded foodstuffs seem to cause little to no fattening, despite many of them having a high “Food” value. (I reckon it is because they lack the associated effects like “Slightly Fattening”, etc.) The addition of support for these extra foodstuffs - either with specific add-on for popular mods (Ex. Avali mod), or some kind of automated way to tack on the effect based off of its “food” value, would be neat to see.

Thanks for reading through my list of suggestions! I do not take full credit for these ideas, as others may well have had similar ones before me, but I have not seem them listed in one place. Any and all who wish to put these ideas into action in any capacity are fully free to do so. to As further inspiration comes, I may add to this thread with additional ideas.


I agree wholesomely with the OP, especially adding more enemies.
Status pods should also have a digestion random roll too.

Here are some suggestions as well:

A Custom Dungeon

With the traps, etc as the OP has suggested, maybe even cake darts. This can be implemented in the game in the natural biomes or the “other world” doors you encounter.

A Foodie Biome

  • You know how bones and gravel falls down and can suffocate you? Imagine if it was a “food” entity" and instead you just ate it until you were unstuck?
  • The biome can include dripping lard / chocolate (water).
  • The slimes from the “Jelly slimes” pack.
  • Traps traps traps (liquid falling on you, you falling in it, etc), the custard enemies that throw lard at you, but in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry variants.
  • Enemies from the mine mission, new enemies (retexture roller enemies to look like peppermints).
  • Doors to an “other world” which are usually feedee dungeons, traps, or foodie trap puzzles.
  • Fattening spikes (Ceiling or Floor)
  • The suggestion the OP made with the status pods.

Foodie Weather Effects

  • Raining Chocolate / Vanilla (super slow gain, but make it “accumulate” faster than normal water on the ground, to make delicious lakes.
  • Raining slimes from the “Jelly slime” pak
  • Cotton candy (or cake batter) ~ snow cause why wouldn’t you

These all seem to be good ideas, but I think Dispatch has started to lose interest in making content for the mod

I think a food biome would really tie everything together. It’s a lot of work, but I’d be willing to work on it sometime after the new year. Shit, a food planet would be rad, with it’s own respective biomes:

  • Candy Biome
  • Meat Biome
  • Underground biome (slime, jelly, chocolate cavern, etc…)

Thats a fuckin’ great idea, I would love to have something like that. Just don’t know how feasible it is.

A smaller, sillier idea I’d like to realize is to make huge food items that the player can consume, and food item would have different stages of progression. For example, a cake could have 4 stages:

  1. Uneaten
  2. Large chunk missing
  3. Half gone
  4. Barely anything left

If I may raise my opinions here:

More fattening dungeon stuff - It’s easy to modify existing monsters and their attacks, and only slightly more work to make new monsters. Fattening traps are no big deal either. The biggest issue would be creating or manipulating dungeons to include all this.

Status pod effects - Easy stuff, can be done in a few minutes. The only issue would be the sprites.

Modded food - Not complicated, but tedious. There would need to be patches for all the different foods the different mods provide. I made a script that auto-generates these patches for vanilla food, and it wouldn’t be too hard to apply this to mods aswell. Tell me - or better send me - the mods you all would like to have patches for.

Food biome - A biome in general is easy to set up, but involves a lot of uncharacteristically large-scale artwork (background, maybe planet sprites). Apart from that, much was already said in my first point. The only thing I don’t see happening is edible blocks. (Unless we do the something similar to the drinking liquid mechanic.)

Food weather - Another easy thing to do. Raining liquids are easy. Raining slimes may look odd, but work rather simple. Cotton candy or cake batter as additional ground cover is possible too, it just needs the proper spritework for when it lies around.

Multi-bite food - This is a very interesting idea, but may be hard to pull off. There are a few possibilities for this, though.


Commenting on your points in-order:

More fattening dungeon stuff - Figured there was an odd caveat to modifying dungeons, as I’ve never seen it done before. Tried to keep the suggestion set mostly in terms of patching pre-existing enemies / items, rather than creating more (with the exception of the structures.) I would be quite curious to see modifications to various pre-existing dungeon monsters though.

Status Pod Effects - Nifty to know that’s not too difficult to implement! Could try using a re-color of one of the existing “smoke” sprites (Like the healing one), that comes out of the pods.

Modded food - I will send you a list of food mods in the next day! (Will be done through messages, so I don’t clutter this thread with links. Thanks in advance, though!)

Food biome - A planet/biome would be neat, commenting on ember’s post above, but yeah such a thing would take quite a lot of sprite work, and would probably be the hardest of all things suggested thus far to implement. Edible falling blocks would be nifty, though, where your character just starts eating once trapped (So yeah, similar to liquids).

Food Weather - Tying to the point above as well, I suspect that they were thinking something akin to the Slime Rain from Terraria- name explains it all. It is kinda ridiculous, but oddly amusing at the same time, with giant jell-o creatures raining from above.

Multi-bite food - Sounds like a neat concept, though once again partially-retrained by the spritework.

Thank you again for the opinions! Good to have the perspective of someone with the skills to make some of these things happen.


I think there should be something about death conditions. Not in a gruesome, gory way, but when you’re doing the first mission on the mining facility and the fattening mobs you’re almost guaranteed to end up a blob, and there’s no real way to progress unless you disable the effects of fatness. Maybe upon reaching “immobile” status the character pops or gets a prompt to respawn because they’re literally too fat to move? Plus if you’re fighting humanoid mobs fattening them into blobs with weapons immobilizes them but essentially makes them unkillable unless you vore them. I know this is easily fixed for the player just by turning off the effects of fatness and turning them back on when its convenient, but I think it’d be interesting if there was a game over condition associated with getting too fat. At the very least I think a method of defeating humanoids through fattening would be cool.


more methods to LOSE weight besides just waiting. or the slow and not always usable treadmill.(since you could be immobile)
like a lard extractor. a item that would take X amount of weight to make a lard item. and being a item could be used on hand thus even when the player is immobile
stuff like this

Dropping in to say that I did have a restaurant mini-dungeon with a unique vendor as a W.I.P, however I am very amateur in Starbound modding so it’s pretty much just sitting there. I don’t think it works and is very clearly unfinished, but it’s meant to be an expansion to Big Fatties considering the assets it uses. Whether or not I resume making it all depends on my motivation.

This was a consideration I had, but i’m not very good at spriting, and i’d either have to do it myself or find help from someone else who could make the sprite, though this would come much later, presumably after I finish the mini-dungeons.

I think being fat should be more punishing than it already is. Running from chubby to plump or should tucker the player out and force them to stop moving in order to regenerate stamina. From fat to blob, stamina could be depleted from merely walking.

Alongside making fat harder to deal with, there should also be some aides for fattened players. Maybe there could be a small walker mech or mobility scooter the player can use when they deem walking with their own corpulence too difficult. Obviously, these aides would be prone to leaving their over reliant users stranded if they run out of power or break.

Also, I think there should be a mechanic that makes the player vore. Currently, vore is only good for gaining weight. That’s fine, but it would be cooler if the player could opt to be reliant on vore in order to fill their hunger bar, leaving them to actively gobble up their targets for a purpose.

Finally, vore should be more punishing. Maybe there could be the threat of your target bursting out if they’re too high health? I’m not sure.

I don’t actually expect someone to take my long ass essay and turn it into reality, I know I’d never do any of this. I guess it’s just some food for thought.


I agree with everything but the vore. It isn’t my kink and I thank Dispatch for making vore optional to those who want it and opting out it out for those who don’t want it

Could there be fat male characters?

um there already are.

I’ve been working on some spriting for a race idea I’ve had for sometime. The race would be called Chlorocows, kinda like your generic cow girl but part floran.(and able to produce milk of different flavors. (This design based on an OC part cocoa)
My initial thought for this species would be hermaphrodites, some with feminine or masculine traits. So I’m thinking about having the skin for males sport a larger udder, and females with larger breasts.

As you can see some of these sprites aren’t really finished, some of the pieces still lack spots, and I’m considering reworking the udder to be on the leg sprite(that’ll be some animating work, right now it’s on the chest.
I’m also considering making a super busty variant, they are cows after all. we’ll see.


Neat idea, but i really dont see this being added tbh.
just wanna note, that’s not meant to be discouraging!!! i’d love to see this idea expanded upon! you just might have to do it on your own!

Eh, I don’t really expect help, nor do I really see this as a vast edition. It’s just something I’m doing in my spare time. I’m just having fun with it, plus in many ways this OC race of mine would fit nicely into it.
If I had any desire to make it more in depth I’d rework some of the traits. like maybe making it to where they drop milk or fluid at certain moments, but I’m just going for aesthetics. Plus I’m sure something like that might be more taxing on the game(plus my coding knowledge is pretty rudimentary).

Figured I’d mention one thing that might help other folks sprite for the game.
I’ve noticed if I dye any armor with the png edited it’ll update it to the new one, making it to where you don’t need to reset the game to see your changes. This works if you respawn the item too, but this might save someone some steps.

This looks interesting. I hope that gets released at some point.

Hey, um, I don’t know if this goes here, but I’m trying to make a blueberry inflation alternative to the mod and wanted to know if there was anyone willing to help me out!

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