Suggestions to Expand the Mod (Potential Additions and Add-ons)

Did I put this in the wrong place? I’m sorry if I did.

no no no its just i have never heard of that

Neither had I, and I wanted to give a shot at modding something I wanted. So I decided I would try it.

Honestly, I think that this is a pretty cool idea. I remember a while back there were some rumblings of inflation coming to the mod. But that was WAAAYYY back, and the rumblings were small.

Yeah, I get that. Well, if it makes ya’ll feel better, I’ve already got some example sprites if ya’ll wanna look.

Dispatch mentioned back in the main thread that inflation would be difficult to implement due to how Starbound handles anything spherical, but I’m not sure if there was any further explanation as to how or what exactly that means. Also, it’s just not their thing, so they’re not very interested in working on it in the first place. Still, if you want to show some stuff off, I’d be interested in seeing it.

Here’s what I’ve got for the “blob” size. The thing about “anything spherical” is that I can get around that by just doing the same thing big fatties does, and just use the pants lol. Only thing thats bugging me is the actual head and how to change that to blue.

You’re actually missing a huge point if you think that’s everything, just so you know.

I didn’t say it was everything, I’m just working on the sprites right now. I’m just too crappy a coder to have the effects like big fatties does right now.

No I meant you thinking the blob size legs is everything. It’s not.

Ah, my bad. Could you give me an explanation?

Is your idea that the blueberry is just never allowed to move? That is only has one size at all? Isn’t something people like about blueberries is them being capable of rolling about, no matter how big they get?

I wasn’t even thinking about rolling tbh, I was just going for the same thing as big fatties where you move less and less until the biggest size where you’re immobile.

I might be wrong, but with people I’ve talked and seen who enjoy inflation. It sounds like that misses what they like about it in the first place.

Rolling is not my thing personally, but I see what you’re getting at.

well personally i think that this bluebberry mod mod is a great idea, could you point out what is the “missing” thing that people don’t like about inflation?

Well for now, It’ll just be a texture replacer lol.

You ought to make a separate thread for this.
The way I see it, inflation in BF has a few main problems:
If you’re going to make the arms big, you have to both support them resting in a non-traditional place and being spun around to hold weapons. Starbound doesn’t actually ever completely hide the arms, so the blob body masks the arm by blending its sprite into the separate chest sprite. This is kind of hard to explain, but when trying to make blob clothing I had to deal with the character’s default, skin-colored arm swinging around inside area of the breasts. Inflations will suffer from that heavily.
Blueberry will be very hard because there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the player character’s skin color. It is possible but difficult and unreliable to edit the player’s .player file to change appearance. I’ve copypasted character appearance before, but it is very easy to corrupt your player files by doing this. If skin color is actually stored as RGB and not a selection of palettes, maybe it is possible.
I always assumed it would be easier to do vanilla inflation. My first thought was to apply the zero-gravity status and bounce to the player at all times when inflated, which would limit mobility heavily but allow you to float. It would also save having to animate a million walking and running frames. You’d only have to do the swimming and idle frames. But you, like an absolute madman, seem to have animated sphere movement animations, so props to you. That would allow for heavy liquid inflation to work in a clean way.
Finally, integration with fatness. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell of stacking fatness with inflatedness. Say there are 4 inflated states. Well you just forced yourself to sprite 6 fatness stages x 4 inflated states x 7 species x male/female = no. Even more if you want to support mrmoto and tobias’ awesome granular wg stages. And there’d be clothing on top of it all to contend with. And that’s not even getting started on the difficulty of its implementation, and performance costs. If you make Inflation a separate framework from fatness, then you gain immunity to fatness when inflated, maybe a downside.
The easiest way to do that, I think, would be to make inflation an off-on state that is applied additionally to your current weight gain level. That way you support both systems. You’re either inflated or not, but how inflated you are depends on how fat you are. (Because bigger people inflate more because they are stretchier? idk. it only sort of makes sense, but for the cartoon logic that inflation operates under, it’s enough). So you could use your example blueberry stage as the inflation level for fatty and above, while Blob would turn you into a 13-tile-diameter blimp. I think 13 tiles is how long the blob body is, don’t remember. While inflating while less fat would just make you more rotund, and able to jump higher (but run slower)
That solution also makea the file system easier to manage. You have fattyhumanchest, or fattyhumaninflatedchest for example. When building the armor you want to equip you just add inflated if you have that status effect after your species name and before armor type.
Inflation is definitely something I want to see in BF, good luck.

Yeah I get ya, I was thinking it would be a separate thing from big fatties just because of all that work, but for now, I think it works well as a texture replacer. Looking through the big fatties files, I saw all of what you were talking about. I pretty much just learned how to mod starbound like 2 days ago, so I’m still new to all this, but I knew it was a lot of work and effort. If I sounded like I was downplaying that, I apologize, I didn’t mean to sound like that. (Also speaking of Granular, I sat down last night and made the space uniform compatible with it lol)

Separating fat burn rate from digestion speed making them 2 different sliders.