Okay, so found this game last night and started playing it. Yeah, it’s rough little game but given some time and polish, this thing could turn into a real gem and I’d like to see it get there. Please bear in mind that I am in no way, shape, or form saying “do THIS or else”, it’s just a humble list of things I personally feel could make the game better and easier to get into. Also, I found this from TFGamessite, so I tend to lean toward the Transformation Fetish aspect of the game. Anyways, let’s get into it.

1:No in-game explanation of stats.
I didn’t read any FAQs before diving in (Mostly because I usually don’t) but even a brief run through the stats and what they effect during the intro would be a really good idea. (In this day and age, even minor in-game tutorials are practically required.) Something simple like the following, assuming my guesses are accurate…
STR: Strength. Determines how hard the proxy can hit enemies and how much they can carry without reducing SPD. (Currently, it also seems like it reduces damage taken, making it an end-all, be-all stat.)
DEX: Dexterity. Determines how often the proxy can land a hit and how well they can dance for the crowds.
SPD: Speed. Determines how easily the proxy can avoid an attack and how fast they can move.
END: Endurance. Determines how much punishment the proxy can take before they go down and how much Tiredness the proxy gains from certain actions.
INT: Intelligence. Determines how cunning or clever the proxy is. Certain tasks can require a moderate to high amount of intelligence.
CHA: Charisma. Determines how sociable or charming the proxy is. A higher charisma when working some jobs leads to better pay.

Lewdnes: At the start, most proxies will be very uncomfortable with nudity or sexual acts, particularly because somebody else is in control of their actions and is able to see everything they can see. A higher lewdness will reduce the penalties to Mood for such actions, but the proxy will also increase arousal more easily.
Health: How healthy the proxy currently is. As the proxy takes damage from combat or gets sick, their health decreases. If health drops to zero, the proxy won’t die but the link will be terminated and the hospital will be notified to rescue and heal the proxy which may take quite some time. However, some monsters will instead have their way with the proxy, which may result in a pregnancy.
Arousal: The proxy’s current level of arousal. High arousal will make it more difficult for the proxy to focus on fighting or working non-sexual jobs.
Tiredness: The proxy’s current level of fatigue. You may not need to sleep, but your proxies still require rest to recover from fatigue acquired from training, exploring, or working. Proxies don’t like to be active when they’re exhausted, so Mood will rapidly decrease once Tiredness is high.
Mood: Despite having a contract, proxies are still their own person and hate being driven into the ground. They can and will leave if Mood is low, especially if you take your attention off of them for a decent period of time, contract or not.

2: Lewdness and other hidden stats.
Lewdness being a hidden stat is a MAJOR early-game killer, along with the lack of explanation for Mood. The fact that you have an FAQ out explaining what it does and how to raise it means that it shouldn’t be hidden, and should be out in the open with the other stats.

3: Lack of game mechanics info on actions.
Seriously, what’s the difference between Athletics, Fitness, Running, and Swimming? What stats do they boost? How much Tiredness do they cause? And why do they only happen once per time chunk? Please give me the info I need to weigh the pros and cons of each. Also, what’s the difference between Milkmaid, Regular, and Stimulation Milkings? Same deal as above.

4: No Rest option while controlling proxy.
Dunno if that’s a feature or a bug, but it’s incredibly annoying and the option to rest, sleep, or relax in some form while in control of a proxy should be available. Also, why is sleeping only available at night? Sleep should also be a separate option for those that work night shifts.

5: Blind quest progression
As an example with Vicky’s quest, just her dropping a hint that “Just a basic recipe from a book out of a library or something.” would’ve helped immensely. For the second part, a second conversation with Vicky about trying to find a different, better recipe at a cafe or something similar would also give the player an idea of where to start looking.

6: Blind transformation progression
This is why I’m personally here, and trying to figure out how to progress transformations is about as clear as mud. In CoC/Nimin, you just scarf down a particular transformative item until the changes start popping up. Prolly should add rumors, books in the library, or clues from the hospital personnel what some “unlucky” person did to cause those changes. (Especially as how there seems to be at least a couple catgirls working in said hospital, Dr. Felis and the doctor in the treatment wing.)

7: A lot of areas that don’t really have a reason to be there.
There’s a lot of areas that mostly just seem to serve as “excess space” between other, more important areas. These are areas where there’s only two places you can go. Mostly Hilltown, Footpath to Hospital, Lane to Hilltown, and Farms. I dunno if they’re just being placeholders for future content, but they are annoying in terms of taking excess clicks/time to get from one place to another. Also, the Red Light District and Magic Shop should have more links to other places.

And finally, if you disconnect from any of your proxies without using the “Back to Management” button, they come back with “clones”. I’m willing to bet this is a bug and will be squashed as soon as the reason why is found. (Also, some actions cause your proxies to “disappear” off the list for a few hours. Dunno if bug or supposed to do that.)

I’ll think you’ll find I agree with most your points, but I’m just 1 modder, and not the full game developer.

  1. Agreed!

  2. Agreed, and this might be an actual pretty quick fix. I’ll look into adding it into the description file.

  3. Agreed! The game could certainly do better at displaying this. Now that i look at it, i could add descriptions to the tasks to tell exactly that. As to why they take a game period? I couldn’t tell you why besides that’s just the way the game was programmed shrug

4.The whole rest during play thing is something i’m considering adding in the future specifically because i have an idea to replace the base game’s immobility check with a more soft form of immobility (moving from place to place costing more tiredness (and thus causing you to stop and rest). This would also work with normal proxies too.

  1. Again, agreed but this fix has a much more time intensive solution. I’ve been tossing around the idea of making a quest log but if i do it’s going to take a ton of writing and maintenance. I have ideas for it but its not a personal high priority.

  2. There aren’t actually many transformation options (outside weight gain stuff.Is that considered transformation ? I dunno). There is a kau transformation you can get at the end of a quest but it’s single use and i don’t think you can get another. I think that’s it in the base game. But your point about how it could be more thoroughly communicated still stands

  3. I don’t really have a strong opinion on the extra areas. I don’t find they add that much time to what i try to do. So for proxies disappearing during certain actions: That’s functioning as intended because its supposed to be the proxy going out and doing other things ( which i agree with because it makes sense)

There is so many mod’s for FM on that site, that I’m thinking that, maybe, sometimes make version of FM with all mods preinstalled in it? And make sure that all of them work correctly. Just want to know if anybody needs that.

As far as i know there is only like 5 mods. Mine, nost’s, the proxy gen one(which is great) and like the milk feeding on on the forums here, and one of cryptics. The other mods have been added to the main game.

If there are more mods somewhere I’d like to see them haha