Sumo Class?

This is just an idea of mine for how it’d work. No, this isn’t regarding a specific fetish nor am I asking for a Mawashi as apparel.
The idea just kind of came to me.

Strength scales with fatness, speed scales inversely (meaning it drops), both stats have a cap on how high/low they go.
Bonus when engaging in hand-to-hand. Adds a grapple move that deals serious damage but is limited by enemy fatness and player strength*.


*Whether or not a grapple is successful comes down to a dice roll. Having high strength and/or fatness tips the odds in your favor. However, the fatter/stronger your enemy is the less likely to succeed you are.

It’s a good idea, but I’m gonna get all the other classes I have in mind out of the way first. The hardest part is coming up with the class trainer’s dialog events, otherwise it’d be super easy to make as many classes as I want.