Sumo Girl Game

This is an idea I came up with quite a bit ago, but creating an account to one of these forums is extremely difficult when you use TOR to prevent creeps from doing horrible things to your data. Now that I finally got an account up, I can post this idea. The idea for the game is that you are a sumo girl (in this case, I would use my OC, Ari) who is on a mission to save her boyfriend. She can waddle around, jump, and attack. Jumping on enemies will crush them, a few hits can take out most enemies, and health is managed with food. The fatter she is, the more hp she has. Specific foods are more fattening, others can grant extra strength, and some can make platforming easier. Meat buns are the standard food, they’re everywhere, and they add a little bit of fat for each one. Burgers are rarer than meat buns, and make Ari gain a lot more weight. There is also strawberries, these only add a very small amount of weight, but also boost her happiness. The happier Ari is, the more damage she can do, and she takes less damage. Burgers and meat buns also do this, but in much smaller amounts. The last food item is balloon candy. I originally thought of using a helium tank, but realized that would be way too basic and mainstream. Eating balloon candy will allow Ari to inflate herself for a short period of time to make platforming easier. Other collectables include yen coins, and crystals. Yen coins are the main currency, and can be used to buy upgrade drinks at a vending machine. There would probably be drinks to upgrade resistance to damage, attack power, and the likelihood of rare foods dropping. The most expensive drink would give Ari the ability to inflate at will. Upon drinking this upgrade, Ari will be given a “wind ki” bar. How full this bar is indicates how long Ari can stay inflated. I was also thinking of having a more sandbox style version of this kind of game which I’ll discuss in another topic.


Awesome idea! The platforming aspect is definitely a breath of fresh air from the overuse of RPG Maker.


Yeah one thing I kinda forgot to mention is the use of things like specific materials interacting with her differently, such as wood breaking under her weight if she’s fat enough, or being able to pick up wood, or stone objects to throw them. The fatter Ari gets, the stronger she is. I even forgot to mention the sort or “rage mode” feature I would call “super sumo” where she can move faster, hit harder, and she takes no damage for 45 seconds, while emitting a glowing purple aura Crystals would probably fuel this power, either that or rage from taking damage, or pulling off successful special attacks. Normal attacks will also increase that bar, but only a very small amount.

Almost like the stars from the Mario games, but longer-lasting?

Kinda, but a bit more like the 3D ones.

Wait, I didn’t read that right, yeah super sumo is like the star powerup, but with more of an aesthetic that wouldn’t be out of place in DragonBall, just with a purple aura instead of yellow, red, or blue. The main issue I have is the fact that I can’t program. I can use TOR’s multi layer VPN to hide though :rofl:

Who is Ari? What does she look like and who is her boyfriend?
I’m curious to know about this character.

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Ari is a sumo girl from Japan that loves strawberries, burgers, hugs, and her boyfriend (pretty much the alternate dimension version of myself, but a lot better looking, and with actual hair :rofl:)