Sup Fellas?

long time lurker here. Finally decided it was about damn time I made an account.

I draw stuff occasionally and I’m doing my best to make some music. Not to say any of my work is particularly that good but I’m working on it. Anywho I’m also am striving to be a game dev and while I don’t have any plans to make anything related to fetish content I may or may not decide to throw my hat in the ring, either by helping out folks or by making my own project. Regardless I’m happy to be here amongst the rest of the oddballs and weirdos that have a taste for the bigger things in life!


Welcome aboard! Music composers are a rarity around here, so feel free to showcase what you have!

Glad you come forward with an account, my dude. You’ll find lots of projects around here! Don’t feel shy to get plugged in further with projects. :slight_smile:

Welcome! Feel free to message me or anything if you want. Pleased to have you!