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Kept’cha waiting, huh? Well strap your butts in, because I have an I D E A.

I actually have an entire document for this concept that’s been fermenting for a while, but it’s through the lense of a Sonic fangame, and considering the current situation it’d be best to redress it for the sake of survival. And frankly, I’m too lazy right now!

In any case, if you couldn’t tell by the title, it’s YET ANOTHER RPG, this one probably starring furries. It would follow a gang of athletic heroes as they are unknowingly sucked into another dimension, filled with weirdness, zaniness, and all SORTS of expandy goodness! The King and Queen of this land want to fatten them up for dinner, so they must fight their way out and hopefully stop this abduction scheme once and for all!

As mentioned before, this will play more like Earthbound/Mother 2 than anything else. You run all over an overworld and run into enemies on the map, with the opportunity to back-attack or BE back-attacked. Battles, on the other hand, are more akin to final fantasy, with both sides of the conflict visible on the battlefield.

The game’s stats, ripped straight from the doc, would be:

  • Fitness: The health stat, plain and simple. It’s how much health a character has.
  • Brains: The mana bar by another name. It is the amount of Red Star Power (mana by another name) a character has be default.
  • Muscle: The physical attack stat, dictating how much damage physical attacks deals to the target.
  • Bones: The physical defense stat, dictating how much damage physical attacks deals to themselves.
  • Wits: The stat that determines how much power special moves have.
  • Smarts: The stat that calculates how much resistance one has to special moves.
  • Speed: Speed! Imagine that! It determines in what order characters will perform during a round.
  • Guts: A stat that dictates the chance of performing critical hits, while simultaneously calculating how much resistance one has to them. It seems familiar somehow…

The classes I have in mind are a mage, a shaman, a fighter, a tinker and a monk. Feel free to guess which stats go to which!

Of course, the main selling point and stand-out mechanic of this game would be The Expansions. Various items, attacks and hazards in the game will cause the victim to expand in one of four ways. Each form of expansion will decrease two stats and in crease two others, while cutting into one’s speed, requiring one to think differently about how that character will operate during the battle.

There is also a limit to how much one can expand. Both party members and enemies can bloat up to three stages, with the stat effects growing stronger with each stage, before they reach their limit and explode, knocking them out instantly.

For each stage of expansion, the stat changes are as follows;

  • Stage one: Bloated; looks a bit pudgier than normal. Boosts two stats by ¼, decreases others by ¼. Reduces speed to 3/4.
  • Stage two: Ballooned; quite big, round and full. Boosts and de-boosts increase to 1/3. Speed is reduced to 2/3.
  • Stage three: Burstable; little more than a massive struggling globe. Boosts and de-boosts are increased to ½ of a character’s normal stats. Speed is reduced to ½.

The four expansion ailments are:

  • Force Feeding: The subject is fed massive amounts of food in short amounts of time, making them quite fat in the process. This boosts muscle and bones, but weakens wits and smarts.
  • Gas Inflation: The subject is pumped up with massive amounts of gas, turning them into a living balloon. This boosts one’s offenses, but cripples one’s defenses.
  • Berry Bloating: The subject becomes bloated with fruit juice by any number of means, slowly blowing them up into a massive fruit. This increases wits and smarts, but weakens muscle and bones.
  • Water Logging: The subject is filled with excessive amounts of liquid, rendering them a water balloon. This powers up both defenses, but lowers one’s offenses.

These ailments are all mutually exclusive. Someone who’s gas-inflated cannot be force-fed, for example. Party members aren’t the only ones who can be afflicted; many enemies can be expanded as well.

Some moves can only be accessed when expanded in a certain way, and will be greyed out if such requirements aren’t met.

One can gain stages of expansion both in battle and on the overworld, putting items that add stages into consideration. Being expanded to any stage doesn’t affect overworld interactions, beyond the danger of being an easier target for on-field enemies.

I’ll update this post as my funk dies down. Until then, feel free to comment, critique, and suggest!


Indeed very ambitious, but I hope this sees completion!

Here’s a suggestion. Perhaps through having a character be affected by multiple expansions over time, they can unlock even higher stages of expansion, giving them further growth and changing how previous stages look to show how their limits have increased?


I have to agree, the status effects are a good idea, but progression of a character would probably be desirable rather than only having temporary effects. I’ve played other things that have similar systems, and while they are fun, adding that character progression would add a bit more to the experience. it could even be part of the leveling up, and characters could be based around certain aspects, like a fat-based character and/or an inflation-based character, etc.

that could make for classes in their “element”, giving bonuses for effects familiar to the class, and even a rock-paper-scissors system! for example, the fat character having bonuses for being fat and ways to get fatter, but if, say, they’re inflated, they might suffer a bit more of a debuff, and have a tough time getting fat again, or need to deliberately fatten themselves to reverse the effect.


This sounds like a fun game. I would actually look into playing this if and when it gets made.

Hey folks! I’m sorry to say that isn’t a game I’m developing, per say, just shooting out ideas to germinate and grow.

But nevertheless, the feedback you’ve all given is fantastic. My entire goal was to encourage being expanded, and what you’ve brought up would do exactly that.

I imagine something more akin to the jobs system in Final Fantasy III (or dress spheres from X-2, if you’re more familiar with those). Anyone in the party can take on a desired class at any time, with their own dedicated type of expansion to them. As sanity.exe suggested, this could have a rock-paper-scissors style to things, with each type having advantages and disadvantages over the other (The druid, a berry-expansion class, being strong against inflation but weak to fat).

And just how much they can expand can be a stat in its own right. There’d still have to be a limit on HOW many stages would be allowed, but a few more wouldn’t hurt anybody.

With the types of expansion now basically being Pokemon types, this could open up things to expand or limit the number (water inflation’s a stretch in my eyes). Rock-paper-scissors or rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock? Feel free to say!

I already have ideas for class types (warrior=fat, mage=inflation, rogue=inflation, druid=berry, monk=fat, shaman=berry, tinker=inflation, paladin=fat, etc).

Thank you ALL once again for the feedback! I’ll update as soon as possible!

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I like the varied class systems many games have adapted, but what if instead of classes having an element, you could have a destiny-esque setup, with a few archetypes like warrior, mage, rogue, etc. BUT with each broken up into subtypes, like of fat, inflation, etc.

each could have an element they are most comfortable with, but a warrior could utilize inflation skills, or a fat mage, or a berried rogue. that could essentially encompass the multitude of different classes and elements, but keep them sectioned into easier trees and subtrees.

(I really like brainstorming like this, so plz keep pitching in :3)


Oh, you’re gonna GET IT. Right now, I’m just thinking of the holy Fighter/Mage/Thief triad, each able to go on their own, but also with a specification/sub-class for each of the expansion types.

The warrior, for instance, could specialize as a berserker (fat), paladin (berry), cavalier (inflation), or as nothing at all. By choosing no one path, they are safe, but are limited. By specializing, they can do serious business, but open themselves to a key weakness.

Of course, if the ambition sensors spike again, I can throw in other base classes (tinker, man. I wanna DO IT).

The only feedback I have at this point is that, while I like the stat names, I am sort of bothered that three of them (Brains, Wits, Smarts) are basically synonyms. Granted, having put some amount of time into designing my own stat blocks (that will likely never be used, of course), I can appreciate how annoying it is to pick out names for things that are both descriptive and unique.

I think the aim with Wits and Smarts was to be a sort of “Wisdom” and “Intelligence” stats respectively without over using those naming conventions. Brain to me at least sounds different to be distinct from Wits and Smarts, a sort of difference like how Fitness and Muscle have. They seem synonymous but just like life, just because someone has great muscles doesn’t inherently mean their fit.
But yeah, naming things is hard. If a better name could be found that be great, but if not no big worries from my end :man_shrugging: Though it is a trap to subdivide traits as it can look messy on paper (Lookin’ at you D&D 3-3.5e). But the current stat pool is small enough to not have that much of a concern imo.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

I like this idea. Just wish there were other things like the ability to select a species (humans included).

Hello again, folks! All I have to say right now is that I’ve already renamed the Wits and Smarts stats to better separate them from Brains. In regards to the traits-for-each species idea, I’m afraid that I have an established cast of characters instead of custom avatars in mind, so I didn’t really have species-traits in mind.

But I’m still open to suggestions! If previous critiques are any indication, this is gonna be a long stream of good ideas!


Finally translated that document to make it perfectly copyrighted material free I promise.

Took most of the feedback in mind during this rewrite. Feel free to critique this sucker!

Ambitious_Expansion_RPG_V1.docx (43.3 KB)

Hmm interesting looks good this is a fetish game so an amazing plot isn’t really needed the characters are fine of course you’ll add more than 5 playable characters.


I know it’s a bit of a faux pass to revive a topic that’s not too popular, but I want to keep it from sinking into the abyss JUST long enough so that I can really pump more into it if I get the energy.

Does the forum delete threads that are over a certain age?

I’m interested in seeing this developed, it’s definitely got the makings to be a solid RPG. Although I’ll admit I’m only interested in female weight gain, and I’m not a furry, but I believe I can overlook the aspects I’m not necessarily interested in. My question is, would the expansion ever become permanent? I’m not sure if this was answered already

That isn’t the intention, but I have items in mind that would make you un-burstable, but also leave you fully inflated. They’d be super-late game, but they could be what you’re asking about.


That’s what I remember anyway! That, or they’re locked due to long enough periods of inactivity.

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