Super Mario Bros. Peach's Adventure by BWGLite

Not my project, but I discovered it a couple of hours ago and decided to share it here … A platformer game about the plump Princess Peach. Have fun! Super Mario Bros. Peach's Adventure - Super Mario World Hacks - SMW Central


This is a neat little game, even though its pretty much just a regular Mario game but you play as a cuter, fatter, Peach


It’d be nice if you’d mentioned it requires more than just the file itself to download. I’m not a big fan of having to download random files just to play one game. Sorry, not interested.

It’s a Super Mario World ROM hack. Of course you’ll need an emulator to play it.


I finished it and I can say it’s really fun for a ROM Hack, there isn’t any wg or anything but plenty of cute scenes and clever level ideas. I’m currently working on getting every star coin for the final area. I’d recommend this!

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