Super Stuffed Sisters - A Smash Bros. game filled with fat girls!

Let’s build a Smash Bros. roster (Or, just a regular fighting game roster, doesn’t matter) featuring many fat girls of Nintendo and gaming fame!

This is mainly for fun, curiosity, and my own desires. Imagine if we were in a world where Smash was made by a random fat-chick lover. (Me, I’m said random fat-chick lover.) I’ll using the results for another secret project of mine, one that you’ll be seeing soon~! Of course, this idea is free to use. Someone else did this exact same thing on the site, after all.

Some roster guidelines:

  • Just about 30-40 characters can make it. Not too small, not too big, methinks.

  • While it IS a Nintendo-focused series, a few guests from other companies (SEGA, Square Enix, etc.), and even popular fat games from this site CAN be added too!

  • Moveset ideas and weight-based gimmicks are also welcomed! Example: Peach’s side special, Peach Bomber, gets turned into a multi-hit dragging move, due to gaining so much weight in battle that her butt drags along the ground, taking the opponent with them~!

  • And of course, have fun!

Here’s my own “Obvious 8” to start us off:

Min Min

Yeah, a bit boring, but the wild stuff’s gonna come from you all! I’ll update when we get to 16 chosen gals~


and even popular fat games from this site

Pilot from Spacethumper, easy.

I imagine she’d play sort of like Steve or Pac-Man in that her special attacks incorporate the buildings from the game. For instance, she could place down a turret, use an elevator for her recovery, or (assuming weight gain/loss isn’t already a universal game mechanic) place down a generator to power herself up.

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Gretel/The Apostles from Apostles is my suggestion as like a pokemon trainer thing. Gretel if this is only fat girls since as the Apostle of Gluttony her moves could entirely be food based, like an overhead punch with a cake in her hands, maybe switching between her more violent self whose has faster and harder hitting attacks with longer times doing each attack meaning smart players could bait her off the edge in exchange for her hits hitting harder and faster, vs the more passive and in control mode where she just hits with food/kindness. Thinking like Sheik from Melee.

If it’s not only fat girls then the Apostles as a Pokemon Trainer like fighter, Sebastian could play like jigglypuff, trying to make them more lethargic and adding input delay with his attacks and baiting them into sleep, Gretel(In this regard) having similar to her nice form up above where her attacks are more her accidentally hitting players with food and the like while L could play like peach (Ha-cha aside :^) ) as she uses lust and her words to damage and walk people off edge.

Idk just spitballing but definitely think if this idea does develop would love to see the Apostles as fighters even if it isn’t in the way i suggest.

the phrase to describe smash bros like games is platform fighter, and i think you should add someone from rivals of aether as they already have movesets(ROA is like smash but on pc and with furries)

Personally, I’d be far more interested to see a crossover game with characters from this site and creators, as opposed to any inclusion of fattened up third party characters lol