SURF THE BELLY-Belly Stuffed fantasy game!

My new game is SURF THE BELLY, A young girl, Natalia, will travel to Dolphark, a coastal town famous for its beaches and surf areas … and its Belly League! Natalia will suffer an accident, but a Spirit will save her life, but for both of them to survive, they will have to get a great amount of energy … EATING!

And taking advantage of the theme of magical spirits, there will be dungeons with portals to magical worlds, in addition to the town. There will be food contests and turn-based tummy battles!

And the game have: Belly Stuffed, Pregnancy, inflation and Weight Gain bellies!

In December I will release a demo, first on my Patreon and later for everyone.

What I can show you for now is a trailer and some images.


I hope you like it!



se ve interesante, sigue así.

Your last game you made was amazing. I am glad to see more from you Friend.

Udapte with new and better pics :slight_smile:

Selena looks different.

Is not Selena. Her name is Natalia, read the description :slight_smile:

Will this game let you pick which type of belly you encounter and have so you can filter out what you may not like, or are they just all included? Also with weight gain does that just effect the belly or will the rest of the body gain in the cutscene artwork like with the sprites?

Includes everyone in the story, without filters. And the weight gain will be in the whole body, in fact, a main character will have a clear weight gain :slight_smile:


I just wanted to note here that I’ll be helping with the dialogues this time around, so expect the english to be fairly easy to read this time around!


And make a great job :heart:

Now you can play the DEMO! Enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


you got a lot JP BGM, but in system, a wrong spelling will crush everything, I suggest to rename those files, preferably in plain English

Here is the problem

It’s strange, because on Patreon they have already played it and there hasn’t been that bug. I will have to change it …

It may be because my computer’s system language is Japanese instead of English for most users on the website.

Ok, now when renaming the songs I have to rearrange them all in the game … I have work to do … XD

Thank you for your hard work for players in different languages all over the world

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Udapte with the music bug fixed :slight_smile:

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2 things I wanted to ask about:
1 - is there supposed to be a save botton of some sort? other than when you arrive home?
2- I can seem to find a supermarket in Dolph-. is there a specific button I gotta click to enter a shop?
other than that I think the game so far is really good :slight_smile:

1- Keep playing, you will arrive later
2- yes, if you have seen the tutorial, it will put “SUPERMARKET” on a door


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aright Ill keep looking XD