Surviving, a WG and Expansion Game (Discontinued)

Also mods please don’t delete the previous user’s comment, I get that it technically violates the rules about asking for updates but I have owed some sort of explanation on what I’ve been doing for a hot minute.

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I never thought i would find this game again. More than a year ago this was the first WG game i ever played and i absolutely loved it, i went ahead and played a lot more WG games after and i never could find this game again(mostly because i couldn’t remember the name lol). But here it is, feels a bit nostalgic tbh. @moonslashx Thanks for creating this awesome game, and while i completely understand if you never get to update the game, i would love to see this game being continued.


Thank you for the kind words, it really means something coming from someone who is really killing it making their own game.

I wanted to make a game with characters people could engage with, and I feel like I did that. While it might not continue in the form it was originally created in I do want to continue making something with it for people like you and many others who supported me and enjoyed the content.


Definitely keep focusing on your life and health/wellbeing. But I do hope you find a way to salvage the story and the work you’ve done so far eventually, no matter what form it’s in. While the project was on patreon and you were working on it actively I played through the existing content several times and enjoyed the concept, setting, characters and dialogue a great deal, not to mention the terrific images. You could have stripped away most of the ‘game’ elements and left a visual novel with some choices and I’d still have been into it.

But for the record, I think you underestimate how well you implemented the combat, quests and resource gathering mechanics. I would have done more of that too if you’d stayed that course, and if you started a new project along that line I’d support it. I know how hard it is not to be overly critical of your own work, but I hope you’re proud of what you made.

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I definitely feel like a lot of the rpg work is busy work, if you want to wrap up the story and showcase the character art some sort of VN makes sense.

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a vn or something similar does make more sense for this game and how the story is unfolding

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Before I wrapped up the Patreon I did a poll and most people agreed that it probably should have been a VN. At least the portions with Jen and Kimi and I definitely agreed with that outcome.

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Many games change as they get made

How does the main character gain experience? Beating the wandering drones doesn’t do it.
Edit: OK, there’s a level-up item, and there is no EXP, got it.
Meanwhile, in the 2nd main mission, the one with the pink-haired girl, there’s a soft lock: if a zombie notices you and runs to you while you’re talking to pinkhair, when the conversation ends theere’s nothing the player can do. No movement, no menus. Characters don’t move around, but they do walk in place.

I will be patiently waiting.

Yeah there’s no grinding except for resources and I unfortunately can’t really fix that bug. It’s just conflicting actions essentially.

Welcome to weight gaming @dgonzalez0798. There are two links in the first post and you can use something like 7zip or winrar to unzip the zip file that is included in the download. The game is for PC(windows operating system) would be required to run it.

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Only 10 minutes in and even though there hasn’t been much fetish stuff yet, I returned here to let u know that I fucking love ur humor. I’d play that game w.o fetish, if it continues to be this funny. Btw, was “turbo cancer” a reference? I died reading that


alright, quick update, I think I’m done with the current content. I had a fucking blast! Great humor and funny jokes! Also really nice art and contrary to what others think, I really like that it’s an RPG instead of visual novel, even though I usually prefer VNs. Keep it up!

edit: I just read your notice- i wish you good with life and in case you won’t update this game anymore, I still wanna let u know that it is for sure up there in my top games, even though rather short


Did you get to the school and clear all that content? If not then you still have stuff you can do. Also I don’t protect my images, you can view them all in the parallax folder if you think you might have missed something.

Very glad you enjoyed the game, I’ve thought about some other projects but ultimately that’d depend mostly on my free time which is not super free at the moment.


oh, i haven’t been at the school yet! lemme check it out

Yeah the end of the content is effectively a bit into when I tried to pivot to more a VN style which didn’t really go the way I wanted it to.


yeah i think i get what you meant with that. I am now around 1 hour in part two and now am pretty confident I’ve hit the end as I have 1.1k health and am pretty sure smth would’ve happened already, if implemented. I gta say, I like the management aspect, though it’s pretty lackluster as of now, but I assume you are aware of that. If I indeed reached the end of the game as of now, I don’t have much to add to my prior comment- amazing game with really catchy first 2ish hours of gameplay. After a while it falls off a little, but not a game breaker by any means, I’ll make sure to check this thread out from time to time to check on possible updates, but don’t feel pressured. Amazing game you’ve created and actually was the only game (after like 20ish rpgs) that inspired me to actually try non fetish related rpgs. not even “some bullshit” could make me do that


Really glad to hear you liked the game so much and I’d say your assessment is pretty spot on. I’ve mentioned it a few times before but what the game really suffered from was just me not scoping out how it should have gone and building a game loop around that. If I make another project the whole thing will be mapped out before I start creating.

I’m extremely interested in trying out the Unity RPG Maker combo when it comes to steam, just seems like there’s more I can do with that.


I see this game pop up, and I keep meaning to ask about it since the game description is a little vague in the OP but… what exactly is this game about? Is it a game where you’re fattening up others, or can you get fattened up? Is the Main Character selectable, or a fixed gender? What about the gameplay? I see it’s RPG Maker… is it combat heavy? Story Heavy? Balanced?