Surviving mars.

how difficult is it to mod surviving mars compared to stellaris? i was wondering since it could be a fun idea and because the game has mod support.
they are from the same publishing house.

fat mods for surviving mars could be fun


hmm… would be interesting although early game would be a very bad idea since how tight your resources are early on so the mod would have to be for that one expansion that allows you to terraform mars.

It would most likely be a number of character trait and debuffs for your colonists in the obvious case

I added some new technologies and building as mod for the fun and started to edit all mods I downloaded.

So the game is totally modable, and fun, but for now I gave up since the release of Phantasy Star Online New Genesis.

I’ve played the Playstation version of this a lot. Really good game, now that they’ve finally fixed (most of) the bugs.

I’ve not tried the latest expansion, so I don’t know what that adds, but I’m not sure how much use a fetish mod for this would be. It would only really be viable towards the end of the game where everything suddenly gets ridiculously easy and you find yourself raking in a massive surplus of resources.

It would be fun to encourage the gluttony trait at that point. I’ve long felt it would be nice if the zoomed in character models had a little more detail to them. Looking pregnant when pregnant and seeing the effects of endless gluttony would be fun.

Yes my idea for a mod would be to have some companies focused on the weight gain.

First having different level of overweight from chubby to immobility and visible on the 3D model.
Second having new goals for special company (Diet company for have an enemy, Fast-food company, Fat admirer company etc), like having the most overweight population, the most stars overweight, the most food consumed in the colony etc
Third having special building for help to fill those goal, like special food producer and place to consume them, a feed’o’matic, fattening field antenna, obese transportation (like floating bed in Wall-e)
Fourth New technologies based on fattening, with special unique projects like, fattening ray, fattening fluid, and other.
Fifth New planetary project, with a fattening ray satellite or orbital farm.

The game have a lot of possibility and all I say is possible to mod in the game.

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