Svellera, The Expanding Lands: A 5e expansion system

Svellera, the Expanding Lands has officially released!

Svellera is a custom expansion system for DnD 5e, where you and your furry friends can experience a variety of growth themes in a tabletop rpg setting, from weight gain to inflation to even vore! Through a tiered system of growth, the more you expand the more stuff you gain.


  • A tiered systems of growth, with bonuses and setbacks,
  • Consumption and capacity mechanics,
  • 9 new conditions, with Permanency and Immunity rules,
  • And over 30 new spells!

Download here and receive bonus rewards!

~ Loko K.O.


If you don’t mind me asking, what would you say the main differences are between this and expand&d?

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If I may make a few suggestions, clarification on the inflated rules could help a lot, fall speed during the bloat could change depending on the stage, at stages with float you might fall only 5 feet or not at all, depending on the gas, perhaps even floating upward passively, I also suggest adding something like so: “A creature that is air expanded will need to climb and grab against surfaces to move at normal speed or by pushing themselves off of one to move in a straight line, a creature that does not have a surface to use can attempt to petal in the air at their speed in any direction as difficult terrain, a creature with an innate flying speed can instead choose to fly normally, a creature that doesn’t have a hovering fly speed still will fall slowly if they have a falling speed” you may also add rules for rapidly floating up from underwater when air expanded, the only other thing I can think of is specifying that the “pop” rules include cases where there’s no actual popping (Mostly the factor of retaining some expansion stages)

Thanks for asking! One of the major distinct differences between Svellera and ExpanDnD is that while ExpanDnD uses individual poundage, Svellera works off a tiered system. EDnD is a much more complex system of long-term weight gain and weight loss, while Svellera is more about the flavors or varieties of growth and how someone’s body reacts to that. While there is a mechanic in Svellera for consumption, it is only one aspect of growth within the rest of the system.

Hope this helps!

I appreciate the feedback!

One of the major things that became an issue within Svellera’s development was managing quantity and readability. The more I added, the less coherent and more confusing it became. I can see why there would be falling speed mechanics, however I feel adding that within the base system overcomplicates the main idea and throws in way too much for one type of expansion. One major complaint I consistently received within older versions of Svellera was just how dense it was, and I found that came about due to having too much in one place at one time.

What I ultimately decided to pivot towards was instead capitalizing on the “Float” mechanic, which was originally adopted from Bella Ventus / Red Deer Studio’s work. Float allows for an easy understanding that “once you go beyond a certain point, your movement becomes affected.” Unlike consumption having specific tables and measurements, I feel adding more mechanics to one type of main expansion may sadly compromise the uniform understanding and lead to Air expansion feeling too complicated for people to utilize.

However, I am not opposed to others taking the base idea I have made and adding onto it in their own way. Perhaps I may work on a “deluxe mechanics” release where I add additional, optional rulings for how expansion affects an individual. That being said, Svellera is more or less “open source” so you can freely add your own takes and additional rulings as a DM. Lean into the playstyle which works best for your games, and let Svellera remain as a simple tool for the groundwork of your ideas.