Sydney's Snack Binge (Snide's Submission)

I’m Snide (of Snide and Sniff), and this is my submission.
As you may have guessed from the title, this is a No Lunch Break themed game, taking place within Teiei Industries’ offices.

The goal of the game is to become as fat as possible within 2 minutes. It’s a very simple game, involving mostly walking and eating, though there are some puzzle elements as well.

(Edited) Link to game:'s%20Snack%20Binge.exe?dl=0



Unfortunately link doesn’t work.


It seems Google Drive had an issue with the file. I’ve updated it to a Dropbox link.

Thanks. It is working now :slight_smile:

Hi my file is getting remove and i don’t know how to solve it, please help me.

Its likely your antivirus. Its common for unsigned files as most just assume they are viruses by default. I would suggest checking your antivirus program to see if it is deleting or quarantining the file.

The slow character motions make it a bit awkward to navigate around some of the obstacles. Since it’s not a smooth animation, and the hitbox isn’t super clear, I found myself banging against the boxes in the truck zone more than I felt I should have.

Other than that, neat 3D assets, I liked that there were a couple of secret-ish items(still not quite sure what do do with the key?), and the bad ending, while a little abrupt, is easy enough to avoid and is actually kind of funny with how jarring it is.

you were right thanks

what type of player I need to run the app?

I enjoyed it a lot! I didn’t even notice my character getting fatter until I happened to look down and it was like “THERE IT IS I GUESS” hahaha, it was fun! I like the music lots. My critique might be to have a diagonal sprite, as it was a little bit distracting for my character to snap up and down so quickly. I liked it though! great first entry into game making!

Flash player is the one you need

The sprite-work is great, but the way the walking animation works is a pain in the ass to work with, and Sydney can get caught on walls while walking parallel to them. I’d just have her cycle through her sprites while walking forward at a fixed speed, moving at small increments but with little space between movements. That would make it a lot smoother than moving twice per second (I’m guessing the increment here).

i actually had to map out a route but i actually got all 600, and the key, sucks i still haven’t found a use for it yet. pretty decent game although the jitter and and overall emptiness makes it feel really rough

It’s rough but I had fun! I think top of my wishlist for a post-jam version would be some more consistent visual cuesabout where theexitsfor screens are!

The 3D likenesses of the Kip characters was really well done!

It’s pretty good honestly! Really nice 3D renders of Kip’s characters and the fattening model is pretty nice to look at. The walking is just a tad jarring but it’s not too bad honestly :slight_smile: I know what the key does after having played through a few times. A little feedback is all you need to help others see it too: The locked door just needs a little locked symbol on it and the key itself should dissapear when you go through that door. Other than that great job! Good luck in the competition! :smiley:

Is this android compatible?

Best I’ve done so far is about 460.

It’s surprisingly addictive. As stated above, the movement is a little janky. And if there was one or two things I would change, I’d like to see Sydney’s face in the lower left enlarge as she gets fatter, and I would have liked to have seen her character model at game end at different weights depending on how well you did.

That said, really good game. Just one question for someone who hasn’t read the whole comic yet: why is there a segment where a player can eat rats?

You’ll uh… want to read the comic for that one. It’s a one-off joke, but it’s in there.

Grotlover2 Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 150
Writing: 10
Concept/Design 370
Msc: 25
Total: 20555


Intresting little maze game set in the no lunch break universe but not much more than that. The models also seemed to suffer from sever degration in their redering causing pixlation and artifacting in game though I belive this was more flash though.

Kilif Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 160
Writing: 15
Concept/Design 900
Msc: 40
Total: 21115


I don’t necessarily have much to say about this game other than I found the controls and walking animation extremely awkward and distracting. Also the map layout was extremely unintuitive andd seemed to be laid out at random. Otherwise, the game is a solid/straight forward collectithon for food. Visuals are decent, especially the ending image, and while there wasn’t much in terms of puzzle solving, having to find the key at least offered some obstacles for moving forward.

Juxtaterrestrial Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 170
Writing: 5
Concept/Design 759
Msc: 93
Total: 21027


The 3d models are cool. With how easy it is to mess up the transition for 2d to 3d, i was surprised how good Kip’s character transferred to 3d. The couple of extra 3d scenes were a nice touch. In terms of feedback, I think my main advice is similar to a few of the other games in the jam. Transparency. There is a bunch of things i don’t know in the game. I don’t know what the coins are for or the key until i figured it out by accident. I don’t know that I specifically need to get the coins to the computer to order because there is no confirmation or instructions. It’s not entirely clear where I can step either (cubicle walls for example take up a square even though it looks like I could walk by it). Doing things to send a message to the player about what they can and can’t do would make the game a lot more enjoyable I think. The highest weight i got to was 500. It would have been cool to be able to see the model from a different angle at the end though. Good work! Keep at it

Total points: 62697

Does the new link not work or is it just me?

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