Tabletop RPG project (name pending)

Basically I’ve decided to create a weight gain RPG with the d20 system though it is mostly a group of ideas at this point, though I hope to lay the foundation soon and make it an enjoyable expirence.

Would anyone be interested in a anime/manga inspired weight gain rpg. Its just an idea at the moment.

Yeah, dude! In general, the forums seems to have a healthy subset of tabletoppers who are interested in any system you design. I look forward to seeing how that genre manifests in your mechanics set! Have you played any BESM?

While I haven’t played BESM I am familiar with it’s concept and I will definitely be doing research on similar games, I’ve seen tabletop RPGs from Japan that have been translated and will be looking at the for inspiration. I’m still open to suggestions and ideas to improve the playing experience.