Tags of New Games

Heyo, first post on here, but i was wondering something. To preface this, I am mainly a fan of male weight gain games, this will be brought up later.

So with more and more weight gain games being created, which is great to see, I had a question about the tags, and this may come from ignorance of the site or a possible feature, I’m not too sure. In any event I was wondering if it was possible to be notified of games that get added to the projects or otherwise with a certain tag that you want?

In case that isn’t very clear, like I mentioned, I am a fan of Male Weight Gain only games, so I get rather excited about games that come along with just the male tag and not the female one. So I was wondering if any new game or idea that is posted with a maoe tag, I would get notified of it, rather than looking at the projects or ideas categories and finding them first, to then change the watch settings, to then get notified. I’m wondering if it is currently possible or already is possible, that I am not aware of, to be notified of newly posted games with tags that I prefer to see and then change the watch settings to my preference?


Yes that’s exactly how our tag system works if you want it to. If you go into your account summary page under preferences. You can get there by clicking on your own icon either on the main page or anywhere you have posted. From the main page you can click on your profile icon there are four tabs the last one to the far right that (the person shaped icon) click on this and select the preferences cogwheel. On left the side a bunch of options will pop up click on Tags. You can set things to auto Watch, Track, Watcher First Post, and Muted for tags and then save changes.

This of course means that the person posting has to be using the tag you want which is not guaranteed.


Ahhhh, thank you, went and turned it on now, thank you for showing me how too. :grin:

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