Tails of Equestrian: Huffing Hooves! (An Expansion and Weight gain themed Session)

The Land of Equestira has never been more plump!

I’ve been slowly working on a tabletop themed on my little pony game for a while and i just discovered Tails of equestrian! A simple system that’s easy to get into! So i made this server for people who like fat ponies!

This will take place in a Modernized Equestrian after the rule of Princess Twilight in the middle of an obesity crisis. With fast food restaurants and cheap pastry shops. As well as a new interest in a biological magic called: Lipomancy!

As well as a few remnants of chaos magic…Eh that’s probably not important…

You and your group will try their best to gain friends! And gain some weight as well

Here’s the link to the server!

Hope you like it!

Content warning: I will warn this project will slight include NSFW elements. As well as some gassy/slob content. Such as Burps, Farts, and unkempt ponies. It’s fair if you’re not into that. If you don’t want it in the session there won’t be any.

Though it’s your choice if you still want to play.

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