Tainted Elysium: Lore & Material Discussion

While Tainted Elysium “the game” may be lacking in content at this time, the one thing that isn’t is the Tainted Elysium in my mind. I’m always contemplating lore and material I want to bring to life in my game (as it helps me pass the time and still feel productive when I’m away from the computer or otherwise unable to make progress on the game itself). The majority of this material and the story-lines, npcs and interactions that it could bring will likely just stay swimming in my head, due to the need to constantly change things around or adapt them, but there are certain, more simple themes and ideas that I have more or less settled on. Recently I tried to compile this into a reasonable format, and while it doesn’t cover that much of the material, it does touch up on a lot and gives the reader a good idea of how the world of Elysium will be.

Going forward I’ll be adding on to this from time to time, (as I just don’t have time to fill it up completely just yet so it’s missing a lot of the locations, races, npcs etc. that I already have planned). I think this will help me keep things solid, give me a base to work with in reference to content creation and it’ll help anyone who wants to write content for the game down the line if they can’t think up something on their own or would like to know if what they’ve thought up would fit in well. (to be honest, most anything can fit in Elysium; it’s a wide weird world. But it’s always good to know)

If you’d like to see the game glossary, feel free to check out the link below or download the attached PDF.

Anyways, I’m opening up this thread in case anyone has any questions on the material I’ve written, or a subject I haven’t covered yet; as well as provide a space to expand upon these ideas, discuss them as well as add new ones.