Tainted Elysium Spiritual Successor

also if anyone has any fetishes related to weight/inflation/ahem deflation if you know what i mean :wink: that they wanna see in game, lemme know. I’m open to almost anything

Well, since the original had weight gain, body inflation, and muscle gain, I’d say go nuts with related stuff like slob (burps, farts, messy eating, scat, etc.), futa, BE, TF, etc. I’m certainly not going to stop you.

(Had to spoiler because I dislike the fetishes hidden, except when the fart aspect of slob is applied to weight gain and/or body inflation.)

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I’m not a huge fan of most slob stuff either, but for me things like burps and farts related to pressure/inflation are definitely something I’m into and will be putting in, but I’m going to do my best to make them mostly optional for people who aren’t into that kind of thing. I plan on doing that with most kinks besides the weight gain/inflation/stuffing since that’s kind of the main aspect of the game along with being some sort of dating sim with life sim aspects.


Breast expansion and lactation are always big sells for me on top of weight gain. Transformatives would be cool.


I will definitely be adding some form of transformatives

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***Tl;dr i ghosted again by accident but plan on having a semi proof of concept playable build out soon :)))))))

Hey so remember when i said I’d try not to ghost again? :))))

Life did that thing again lmao but I’ve got my own place now and I’m in a much better mental state than i have been the last few years.

More importantly, im getting close to a super duper early alpha² build of the game that i still haven’t chosen a name for. I’m going to build it more in 3d than originally planned in ue4 since thats the engine i know best.

I’m laying the groundwork in blender as we speak (oh my god im terrible at learning new modling software i wish that autodesk didnt cost 2 kidneys a month).

Hopefully ill have something to share soon, and i really really dont plan on ghosting this time. Once i get something actually built ill be more motivated to acually work on it.

See y’all soon.


Dude honestly take all the time you need. As exciting as this project sounds, your health (mental and otherwise) is far more important.

As for the name, if you still want The ___, maybe have it relate to the storyline?


Quick update, I’ve almost thought of a name and i have actually started tossing things into unreal and all that jazz. I should have something to show soon, and once i have the first playable build ready ill toss up a project post.

The Neon City or The City of Neon


Why not just remove the “the”? Make it just “Neon City”? Makes it a bit punchier.

I might just do that. I added “the” since it makes it seem more like a more of a myth or something to that effect idk

The City of Neon sounds pretty cool ^w^

Here it is fellas, the first in dev extremely early access testing build v0.001. ill put up a project post at some point soon. I liked the idea of doing it all in 3d but I also remembered the whole inspiration for this was to replicate TE’s body system, so I just ended up doing both :slight_smile:

there’s a super tiny amount of content, but I’m hoping it serves as a proof of concept to at least show everyone what the concept of my idea is lol.

p.s. I’m dogshit at 3d modeling so the core models and shape keys might (definitely) look a little scuffed. I’m debating on outsourcing the 3d modeling to someone here if they’re interested.


I’m hoping there will be character customization and descriptions at some point. What’s there currently looks interesting and I wonder how encounters will look when triggered.

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I’m still trying to rack my brain on encounters, but i have a few ideas. I wanna change it so that you can right click on characters to see the 2d version of them, which should help out in the encounter system.

Character customization is a big thing for me so yes, it very much will be a thing. The descriptions are also on the todo list, but im not amazing at writing so it might take a little while.

I just wanted to get the core mechanics that i needed in place before doing anything else, as well as put out a proof of concept build since this thread is like 6 months old and i had nothing to show for it lol.

If i remember ill do the project post tonight, just gotta format my thoughts and make it readable and not a junbled mess of words lol