Taking Armor Spriting Requests for Big Fatties

I am a mildly experienced spriter who wants to try and help fill out the closet for BF + Granular, just because.

I have, quite frankly, no idea how to make the game read my files except by modifying existing files, so I’ll just throw up the finished things to be done with as others please if I do get around to them. I’d very much like to know where I should direct my attention until then, though.


Well sorry if it’s rude to jump right on the bandwagon for this, but I’d love to see the Vulpes race be plumped up a bit. It’s an older race to be sure, but it’s personally my favorite version of any fox style race that exists.

I might be able to help figure out the issue with getting the files to work, I’ve not done any work with fatties myself, but I’m fairly good at reverse engineering working examples to figure out how to get something else to work.

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I would suggest doing armors that have BF sprites but not Granular ones


What about Mawashi set


could you do the pixel hero suit

I’d like to see Noble set given the granular treatment if possible

The mawashi set needs a granular fit do i send this vote

I personally think that the Neo set needs to be given the granular treatment.

I hope you don’t mind me popping in real quick. I made some sprites for the female version of the star trek costume if you’re interested in finishing the male counterpart.

Granular kimono is my vote


I could probably do the baggy jeans for Granular Expanded clothes, but I’d need the base sprites for them to work up from.
EDIT: I would unpack the file myself, but I’m a bit lazy to unpack the whole thing for just one set of sprites.
EDIT2: Nvm, the main mod has them.

Ok, so I believe I have everything in functioning order, but the game crashes before it can even get started. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I’m just tossing my work into the mod folder. I’ve got the sprites, all the leg files are named properly, and the config file should be in order. I even thought it was because I had an extra config for Granular sizes, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. I can upload the stuff here if anyone wants to take a look. Also sorry if this isn’t the correct thread to post this on, I just figured since it was related that it’d be the best one to go to.
EDIT: Even tried to reset the Big Fatties module in the game and leave it off, which also didn’t work.

Check all of your .legs files for the baggy jeans at each size (I think they’re also referred to as .lua files as well). Make sure you don’t have any loose commas or extra, unneeded code laying around.

I think they’re in working order, but I’m not sure. I’m just using Notepad to work on them. Most of them just use copies of the skinny jeans assets, that and the chubsterjeans3 actually in Big Fatties.
EDIT: Could it be the way the jeans are looking for colors that aren’t there? Since it’s looking for the colors of the skinny jeans.

So is the problem that they don’t show up or do they show up but with weird colors?

It might be something else entirely, cuz I can’t really get past the Chuckle Fish logo.

Whenever I would have that problem, it was something in the .legs files. Like a loose comma or typo or some other problem.

Alright, I might have to take a look, maybe let someone else take a look. This is my first mod for Starbound.

Yeah I get ya, when I started, I had the same problem.

Is there a tool for checking this kinda of stuff? Or perhaps documentation?
EDIT: I’m just making sure I’ve got all my bits and pieces in order.