Tales Of Bella Ventus: Curse of the Skyfort (Furry VN)

Tales of Bella Ventus: Curse of the Skyfort is a furry fantasy VN with an expansive twist! Join Helena, Yva, and Alto as they journey through the perilous lands of Bella Ventus, searching for a means to dispel a curse that threatens to inflate everyone in the realm. Along the way, they’ll discover danger, glory, and wider waistlines if they’re unlucky!

Featuring a number of illustrated endings, side routes, and animated portraits with contributions by many artists, including RoundAnimal and NekoCrispy!

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Fair warning to those interested, it’s largely inflation themed with very little WG outside of the characters already being hefty and one brief branch path.

I enjoyed it as a game quite a lot, but as someone who’s not really into inflation stuff I was a bit disappointed on that front.

Like I said though this is still a damn fun game, I love these characters and I hope we get to see more of them in the future!


I’m curious what the rating of this game is? Does it get explicit or keep the concept pretty clean?


The game is 18+! Adults only.

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Thanks for the clarity! I see now it has an Adult tag too, sorry for missing that.

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Hello! I’m interested in this VN, but I’d like to know if there’s male content in it? There’s not tag for neither female nor male content and the cover isn’t too clear on that I think? Maybe that’s just me

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lookin forward to giving this a go sometime soon!! had a blast playing through Waist of Space and Expanding Horizons ;o3


There are guys and gals in this one! Sorry for the late reply! ^^;

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Ah, very interesting. If the inflation is done with tasteful shapes instead of perfect spheres (If I wanted shapes like that I would go back to college), then this is most certainly my next buy.

is this more male or female?

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The author in their itchio page has some previous games that are also VNs and are free to try if you want to see more the type of characters they have and how round they get to see if they fit your taste. This one as a paid VN has more evolved animatons and artwork but story wise is the same structure with usually one path leading to a bad end inflation ending and the other option continues the story.


It’s okay, thank you for the reply!
Also, I ended up buying and playing it and I gotta say I had a blast! It was very well done, I only wish it was longer hah.
Are you/your team planning on making any more VN’s in the future? I’d definitely love to give them a shot!