Target Weight on other NPCs in Crusader Kings 3?

Hello everyone. I hope I posted this in the right area. In my Crusader Kings III game, I’ve been using the Debug Menu to make changes to the female courtiers in my character’s kingdom. For some reason, despite giving them traits such as Gluttonous, their target weight doesn’t change, unlike how it works for your own ruler. For them, whatever target weight they spawned in with is static and doesn’t change after three in-game years. Is there any way to change the target weight for a different character or make it dynamic somehow so that way they gain weight gradually like your character? Thanks for any help.

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Make them landed and host feasts often. Landed character will gain weight for sure on their own

Not to sound like a noob, but by “Landed” you mean giving them a piece of land, like a County, to control and making them your vassal, right?

Ok so I just booted up my game and now I see their target weights are ranging around the 100 zone. I guess for them it takes a bit longer for the target weight to update? Strange.

Here is what I did, I went into my games debug interaction code and I changed the change weight interaction from “add 25 to weight” to “add_character_modifier = gaining_weight_modifier”, if you know what this is it’s the modifier you can choose to have when you are malnourished that will keep increasing an NPC’s weight until they choose to stop (but since they are NPC’s they can’t choose to stop) so their weight steadily goes up until they hit 100, also, weight updates every 3 years.