Taste of Heaven

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Select a character by clicking him and send him to interact with the furnishings of your heaven. Make sure they indulge in the food and pleasure of heaven, but also give them some time to rest and recharge from the joys of heaven.

[spoiler]“As overseer you need to guide them to achieve their biggest potential, make sure to do it as fast as possible for they need to be moved to their next destination. Once they have been moved out, you will receive proper compensation depending on the quality of the product and a budget to keep improving your heaven. Since this is a test phase, you need to send out as many subjects as possible in order to fins a proper work rhythm for Project Heaven.”

Fail to achieve the quota and you will be joining them soon enough[/spoiler]

This game is, and will be even more NSFW heavy, so do take that into consideration.



This is our entry for the Gain Jam 2022.
We had to cut most of the meat of the game due to time and real life kicking our butts, but we have tons more prepared for this game. It will be updated in the future with a lot more furnishings, lore and endings.

Made by:
Art by Ferdefat - https://twitter.com/FerdefatGainr
track 1 by Pro Sensory - this is heaven | OpenGameArt.org
Track 2 by RedKnight - RedKnight26 (RedKnight) · GitHub
Programming by Voxilous - https://voxilous.itch.io/


Hi! I was wondering if there was a way to change the resolution? I try to open up the game, but it comes up way too big.

If you can see the edge of the screen, you can drag the edge in closer.
If not, use this guide for windows https://www.askvg.com/how-to-move-or-resize-an-off-screen-window-in-windows/

Um! Trying to download the game from itch.io and it says the page has been quarantined. Did something happen there?

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This could be just because I don’t upload often.
Would you be able to provide the exact text or a picture?
All my attempts just show the normal 18+ warning.

This is basically what I get when I click on one of the download buttons

Sorry that this is happening, you can still download this demo by clicking in “I understand the risks…”

If it helps, I will admit I am in Ireland, Kerry in fact.
I will try to sort this out. Thanks for the feed back and hope you enjoy the game.

Okay! So the game is pretty fun, if a little bit annoying at times.
First off, you don’t really have a way to tell what “thing” each boy has done, other than the fact they get fatter. This is kinda fine by itself, since you’d immediately know they’ve already done it when they only spend a second doing it before immediately finishing. But what I found really frustrating is that there’s no queuing system. You can send two guys to the same thing, one does it while the other waits there turn. But when the first guy finishes, he pops out on the exact same space the second guy is waiting at, so when you click that space it always goes to whoever is “the farthest” I would say. This ends up sending the guy who’s supposed to eat go take a shower instead, which messes up what I was trying to keep track of. And when you eventually get a lot of livestock at your farm, this can really turn everything into a mess unless you can somehow tell what everyone has and hasn’t done at any one time.
Fairly good game, honestly. It’s still playable, and I like the concept for the story. Also, I found out that you can apparently remove thinks with the right mouse click, and you can potentially screw yourself over if you decided to erase everything, but not have the funds to buy any facilities to run your farm.

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Thank you so much for your feedback! We sadly had to cut some systems for this release but the final game will have a way to track different aspects of your characters. For now we only implemented the size of the body and the size of the Dik to keep track of their transformation stage.
Also thanks for the suggestion about the queue!

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First Round Scores

Jux Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 50.0
Use of Theme: 50.0
Art: 6.0
Writing: 2.0
Music & Sound: 4.0
Mechanics: 2.0
Game Concept 4.0
Use of Fetish 4.0
Judge Preference: 0.0
Wild Cards Attempted: 1.0
Admin Wild Card: 0.0
Patreon Wild Card: 0.0
Community Wild Card: 2.0
Total: 125.0

Alex Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 50.0
Use of Theme: 50.0
Art: 4.0
Writing: 4.0
Music & Sound: 6.0
Mechanics: 3.0
Game Concept 5.0
Use of Fetish 6.5
Judge Preference: 2.0
Wild Cards Attempted: 1.0
Admin Wild Card: 0.0
Patreon Wild Card: 0.0
Community Wild Card: 2.0
Total: 133.5

Roops Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 50.0
Use of Theme: 50.0
Art: 6.0
Writing: 6.0
Music & Sound: 7.0
Mechanics: 7.0
Game Concept 6.5
Use of Fetish 5.0
Judge Preference: 0.0
Wild Cards Attempted: 3.0
Admin Wild Card: 2.0
Patreon Wild Card: 2.0
Community Wild Card: 3.0
Total: 147.5

Final Score: 406.0