Team fortress 2 mods (ideas and possible server)

I recently came across some intresting mods on gamebanana involving the dispencer being made into a fat lady android and bombcart. Its got me thinking are there any other fat mods we can have to make a wg server in tf2? If there was fat sentry girl to make bigger than that would make me a happy camper.

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There is ssbbw pyro in gamebanana too. Just let you know.


yeah i know but I wish there were more. and Tbh im having fun with the fat dispencers.

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I haven’t seen any of these. Link?

youre gonna need an account to see and download them

Heya, I’m the distributor for those mods (and a few more now). I’m glad to see you’re enjoying them, and yes there are more mods available and in the works (not saying what, gotta keep it a surprise).

In terms of a wg server, considering the limitations of tf2, I must digress that it likely will not work if you’re looking for player wg. In the case of the dispenser lady, it worked since the dispenser had an intermediary animation between levels, however, playermodels are static and cannot be changed on the fly without having multiple models loaded on a server with each stage (which would drain resources).

It is however likely possible to have a map with a model in it that you could interact with and change its weight if you do some scripting.
Granted, this is all coming from someone with limited knowledge in the scene, but this is my experience nonetheless. I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong.

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Nice to know you have more. If you have more WG tf2 mods mind putting the links here?

Can do mate, I’ll try to keep y’all posted on any new mods.