Ten Nights At Dean's 1 (aka TNAD 1) My Upcoming Project

Now you’re probably wondering by the title oh God not another fnaf fan made game but I can assure you this game will be nothing like scott cawthons fnaf series or any other fnaf fan games I have excellent experience in the horror genre so I know exactly how to create the greatest horror experiences of all time my experience is much like Outlast And Amnesia plus all the credits to this game series does not go to scott cawthon it instead goes all to me because let’s not forget this game will not have any of the original fnaf characters and if I decide to add the same mechanics trust me they will not be the same they will be very upgraded mechanics the only thing that this game will have in common with scotts fnaf series is regular references and easter eggs to the fnaf games plus certain fnaf fan games but also plenty of Markiplier so anyways I will inform you all when the pre development 1 has been released and yes it is being developed with clickteam fusion


Is this will be a 3d horror game on Unity? And do you know how long you gonna make game?

For one no it will not be made in unity all my projects are always made with clickteam fusion but I do plan on making a remastered version of this game which will still be created with clickteam fusion but in a semi 3D Style so possibly the remastered version will be way more terrifying but that’s a long way from now let’s focus on the original for now and see how that goes and for two this game will have a somewhat of a story to it it will end up having 10 nights plus a follow up to this game will be 10 Days At Dean’s which takes place in the day instead but is not considered as a prequel although my next project after this will be a complete prequel to this game which will be called 10 Shifts Before Dean’s and there will be so much Replay Value for this game but to answer your question about game length I’m not for sure yet

Personally I think it’s better to make some headway into a project before you tell us you are going to make it, just in case you change your mind later. Helps prevent dissapointment.


Why are you planning to create remasters and prequels before you have even started the actual game?

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I’m not that’s a long time from now someone just asked if there was gonna be a 3d version like I said I wanna worry about this game for now

Every project I create will never become abandoned I already get disappointed when other creators decide to move on from their projects but I usually like to launch games early but no matter how it seems like I said I will never abandon a project unless it’s perfect and does not need anymore working on

It sounds like you’re going into this with absolutely zero ideas of your own. Everything you said is basically “it will be like this successful thing but even better I promise”. I think you should wait until you can actually share something tangible about your project, and not just making a press release about video games that don’teven exist. You’ve basically given nobody any reason to think you’re actually making anything.


Yeah the description is extremely vague it doesn’t even have a description of what kind of weight gain elements will be in the game but I hope in the future it does and it would be a plus if it had male weight gain in it as well


sounds good

I have to think on whether it will have wg content or not

Then why did you post about it here?


I know right I feel like it’s a given when posting here the website is literally called Weight Gaming