Tentacle Beach Party

About the Game

Tentacle Beach Party is a casual strategic adult game that combines an exciting visual novel as you move through the gameplay. Players will experience a new standard of excellent background music, a compelling storyline, and artwork of the utmost quality.

The game will immerse you into a beach resort fantasy that is filled with beautiful girls dressed in cute and stunning bikinis. Your primary objective is to abduct each of them while avoiding detection.

The story begins on an unusual planet ruled by a Tentacle God, Ythogtha. After his son was born whom he named as Kaireus, he sent him to Earth and gave him a mission to refill his fuel using lewd liquids.

How to Play

Every level has a certain requirement that you must follow in order to keep your fuel bottle meter from dropping. You can only capture one kind of girl per stage and reach the required number of that specific girl before proceeding onto the next level.

However, if you catch a different kind of girl during that time, you will lose some of your progress. Each level in the game gets harder as you advance, making it more difficult to capture girls. Your goal is to complete all 15 bottles with lewd liquids through the barrels.

Press < > on your phone screen and < > or A D on your keyboard to move on the right or left barrel. Use the SPACEBAR or the CIRCLE button to capture a female.

Ensure that no one witnesses you catching your target, or else the other girls will be surprised and you will lose people at your beach resort.

When a girl sits on a bar stool or a sunlounger, the barrel beside them will turn red and be disabled, preventing you from catching your targets.

After the barrel finishes collecting one lewd juice, the girl who has been released will appear horny and will never be captured again. To your advantage, horny girls will not be surprised if they encounter another female being taken or being released from a barrel.

Lastly, keep in mind to look out for the Detective! For she will walk across every barrel and all of the girls inside will be released, making you lose all of your progress. Best of luck!

Status Released
Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
Developers Link yukarigames
Genre Strategy, Visual Novel
Made with Godot
Tags Adult, Anime, beach, Cute, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Singleplayer, Tentacles
Average session About an hour
Inputs Keyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone

Download link: Tentacle Beach Party


This looks nice and all, but does it have any expansion elements…?


I think its pretty funny that there’s slowly been more horny games make it to this forum that, at a first glance, don’t use the main theme or any associating themes of this forum. I have a hope that one day these games will eventually adopt these themes, but alas, I know it to be a pipe dream.


as far as i know about these kind there no weight gain


please make a fat of she


sometimes i wonder how people

  • get past the name of the site
  • get past creating an account, seeing “WEIGHT gaming” multiple times
  • get past most of the curated project titles being related to expansion stuff
  • get past titles in the project category like “big fat vore rpg” or “project F.A.T”
  • get past all the tags related to expansion/wg

and still think that its not a website for growth fetish stuff, cause this has happened several times now.


This is crazy! What does this game have to do with “weight gaming”!


Are people using this site for free advertising? Because I don’t think that’s really in the spirit of the rules for this site.


There’s nothing on the site that says a game needs to have weight gain or expansion related content to be posted here. Yes the game doesn’t have any such content and it’s questionable as to why a game is posted to a specific fetish game dev website when not appealing to the core fetish. But It’s not the first and won’t be the last game that will be posted that has no weight gain content.


It’s a discussion that should really have been self-evident. We’re on a weight gain forum, people are here for weight gain.

I couldn’t find an explicit rule regarding topicality besides the obvious “stay on topic” in the FAQ, but I’m thinking that’s mostly because, you know, it shouldn’t need to be said.


there are other expansion that effect weight which i can understand for being on this website but like if the main topic in the whole website is weight based there shouldn’t be games that has nothing to do with weight based stuff on here like don’t get me wrong i love games like this one but i don’t like seeing them on websites that they don’t fit in with


I really wish it’d become an official rule that games advertised on the site need to have expansion or weight gain elements because I’m getting pretty sick of this.


Jesus fuck you folks sure get mad about literally nothing. There’s plenty of sites with focuses that have other kinds of games in there. The best way to ensure that your pristine chapel of the fat of she stays that way is to just ignore topics you don’t like.

Do you know what coming into a topic and bitching about it does? It brings it to the top of the page so more people see it. Congrats, you’ve played yourselves.


I don’t get why everyone has such a huge aversion to non expansion games. If people are worried that is going to dilute the pool of games on the forum, that’s what the tags are for.

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first of all nobody really got mad, it was more just commenting on the fact that a game like this is off topic.
and unlike malefactor, a relatively recent incident of someone finding their way here despite not having a expansion fetish, this person is obviously just here to advertise for zero effort considering no thread interaction from OP’s part.
second, sure it could be ignored. but just ignoring stuff like this will eventually result in people seeing weight gaming as a free avenue to just drop their random growth unrelated game here to advertise because nothing will be done about it and there will be no pushback.


Did you know? Debating this fact has once again brought this topic to the top providing this person with free advertising as a talked about thread in this forum.

I assume the creator is thankful, but they may also just be living their life, just like you could be doing.

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im aware, but you could just be living your life too instead of getting mad at people for calling out a off topic game.


But then how would I indulge in my side passion for pointing out the absurd and hypocritical? Life’s about hobbies, I always say.

There is no rule against non-weight gain related content. It’s not an oversight, it’s a deliberate decision.

If there was a flood of tons of non-weight gain or related games we might change the policy. But as is it’s such a non issue.

The website is called Weightgaming, but if we limited it to only games with weight gain content we would have removed a lot of popular projects that have none, or very little in the way of weight gain.

So this thread is not off topic. But continued complaining about it not having weight gain(and therefor that it does not belonging on the site) will be off topic.

If you wish to discuss what the site does and does not allow further, you’re welcome to create a thread in the feedback forum Site Feedback - Weight Gaming


I’m gonna keep postin “please make a fat of she” so the topic will keep going to the top