Terraline 45

Hello everyone!
I don’t know how to start, so I’ll say it simply: my friends and I are making a game around fatness and inflation themathic.
We would like to create a full-fledged text RPG, with diverse mechanics and a thoughtful non-linear storyline.
QSP will be used as a platform (link: qsp.su), this engine is very convenient for creating any text games and is well known to me.

Shortly about the game:

“Terraline 45” takes place within my fictional “Artix Project Universe”. This universe has many worlds, both close to ours and absolutely fantastic. The main character is a member

of an expedition from the sci-fi world to the world of paradoxes and magic. And the place we find ourselves turns out to be the most unusual of all. Including anomalous fatness,

mountains of food, aggressive flora and fauna …

Planned features:
Character editor with wide customization
Open world
Non-linear storyline and sidequests
Life-simulating NPCs, companions
Combat, stealth and communication mechanics
Skills and upgrade tree
Character needs
Weather, temperature, lighting systems
Elements of the immersive sim

Planned fetishes:
Fat furs (including blobs)
Fattening (including force feeding)
Inflation (air and gases, liquids, slime)

Of course, a bunch of hugs and snuggling!

Possibly (but not so likely):

Not planned:
NSFW and 18+ content
Gore and blood

Changes are possible during development!

Also, I would like to say in addition …
A friend of mine and me have a very difficult financial situation. I’m a student and my friend Sky is head over heels in debt.
This project is very important to us. Don’t think that we want to create a game just for money, it’s not right. Our dream is to create a really big and interesting game. But if

anyone wants to help - here’s the link: https://ko-fi.com/artix_4. If you want, you can support us with money.
My e-mail: artix_4@mail.ru

We will try to show something in the near future. We look forward to your feedback!
Thanks everyone for your attention and support.


Good luck! Kind of interested in seeing where this goes.

are there going to be humans too?

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This does seem like a lot of promises and very little follow-through.


that’s a big killer of Indie Projects

Dan, this seems like quite an ambitious project! Do you have a roadmap for when you’re thinking various parts should be finished? Also is this going to be a 2d or 3d game?

Good luck to you sirs (or madams)! I don’t have money but I hope you guys can get back on your feet. this seems like a really interesting idea and I hope it works out.

Yes, there will be a few races, including people. Hovever, his races will not be very different in gameplay.

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I have some kind of plan. We had made one game to February (demo, not fetish), and new game is basing on that project. We going make text game (but some details in 2d). However, we need a lot of time.

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Interesting proposal. I wish you luck.



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interested to see where this goes, but I’m worried this project is too ambitious and will either disappear, go on indefinitely, or not live up to your or our expectations. Try to set small step-by-step goals and not let hype run wild.