terraria fat mod idea

okay okay before you say this is the same as all those other terraria posts, it’s really not. this is more of a full (pun not intended) idea for a mod, with most of it i think is able to exist.

so, there’s something kind of at least similar to a weight gain/fat mod in terraria already made. it’s called something like voraria, i think?

it’s honestly pretty nice, even if you’re not into vore and only just fats. you can eat most npcs (i’ve found that most town npcs are the best) and when you have a max (i cheated in the best amulet, which you use to eat people) you look pretty big, and it’s nice

all you use is one item, the amulet (though there are multiple kinds). this proves that it’s at least kind of possible to do something like a weight gain mod.

now: about the actual weight gain mod. obviously it would be pretty different from the vore mod, the belly being more permanent and instead of eating people, you’d eat food. different foods have different calorie counts or something, you slowly get fatter.

of course, this would be sort of hard. you’d have to save the belly somehow when you exit the world (if you’re eating someone in the vore mod, it spits them out when you leave because they can’t find a way to make it actually work). i’ve come up with a solution to this

with the help of the official tmodloader discord (under the disguise of a buff mod) i’ve discovered exactly what you have to do. mostly. right now it involves an accessory, that via consuming certain items, what the accessory looked like on the player would change. i really need someone that knows scripting more to help with this, i’ve saved all of the explaining screenshots for more context.

i do have some misc ideas relating to bellies and stuff though, not important to the mod but they’re nice lil realism (or not so realism) adds

you’d get a bit slower as you got fatter (maybe a config to turn this off would be added), but you would have a new attack if you got big enough. a body slam, which the fatter you got, would completely destroy the enemy.

instead of debuffs though, there could be buffs. as you got fatter, maybe lesser mobs would see you and be too scared that they’d run off. as mentioned eariler, there could maybe be a weapon where, the higher the fats meter, the more damage you did (with sitting on enemies, body slamming them, etc)

maybe another thing where you could make npcs fat? not just the girl ones but also the boys (c’mon dudes, not everyone is attracted to only girls), you could get the food that usually makes you fat and feed it to them. as they got fatter they’d lessen movement until they stopped moving altogether and decided to embrace the immobile life. maybe some shop npcs would sell new things as they got fatter, or the guide would give you more fat related tips.

another tiny thing would be some fat related bosses? like a giant sumo guy that stomps around and tries to squish you but he drops a lot of different kinds of foods.

maybe the npcs start to tease you as you get bigger? making tiny snarky remarks (or, depending on the npc, compliments like ‘you look really nice today…’ or something more fat related?) at you depending on how fat you get. like just a bit chubby they’d comment on it, and in the almost immobile stages they’d tease about how it was getting really hard to walk at this point and that you’re gonna be a blob soon.

that’s all i got for now, hope that’d be helpful to anyone with coding skills haha


I like it but sadly I have no coding skill to help but I love it

yeah i also don’t know how to code so like
probably wont ever happen