Terraria Mods

Title explain’s it all really. THe Big Fatties Mod for Starbound is amazing. And I know Terraria is much more pixiel like. But I’m someone who enjoy’s mod’s like that to games, pretty much reguardless of what kind of game. And given it’s more simple? style, it might be easier to do mods? It might not be, it could be harder. I was just curious if anyones ever given it some thought.

Terraria recently got a vore mod. Don’t know if it’ll ever get weight gain though.

Huh, that’s pretty cool. Certinally a step in the right direction lol. I would love to see someone to attempt to put weight gain/inflation stuff into the game. Granted, had I the skills, I’d do it myself lol.

theres this deviant art photo about fat zoologist she was holding a “fat bitch” potion
soo thats a little good idea

I might give it a try, i talked about it in another post here.

What I love of the idea is to program in C#, and tModLoader its fixet to work with Visual Studio, so it would be interesting to program something like that. My only problem would be the sprites, I’m not good drawing (even pixel art).
The idea I propose to start with the mod is in the link.

i’m new here so this might sound stupid, but can you do a mod on mobile? And if so, can somone make a mod that adds the zoologist and the zoologist stuff? Just replace bestiary requirements with boss progress. It would also be cool if you added all pets. (also if it’s not too much (do this at the end) could you add meowmere minecart and desert tiger staff? Always wanted those.)