Terraria/starbound like WG sandbox game

Okay, my first post ever on this thing, so this may be rough and its just idea rambling

To prove I’m slightly legit and competent here is my deviantart page: Kanilan - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

I think games like terraria and such would be a great fit for wg stuff, the side scrolling view makes it easy to get a good look at bellies, and specially the NPC interactions in those games can be quire interesting for roleplayers where you can your own little house full of weird characters.

For this hypothetical game it would be less focussed on crafting, exploring and combat with those made ALOT simpler than stuff in terraria and focuss on fun NPCS and ways to interact with them in your little base, and instead of a procedural game, a hand crafted world would work much better for this.

Example: you build your little house and some native girl walks by it and she is curious about it you get a small dialogue tree with her you can progress whenever you speak to the npc, and maybe invite her to try out your cooking… and fatten her up, or if you have certain npcs on the same place they interact in fun ways together

Yes I am aware this would be a great undertaking, thats why I would make graphics quite simple and the world hand crafted to reduce the ammound of stuff that needed to be coded.

I will come back with mockup screenshorts and more detailed design notes


Great interest

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yes please. sounds like a very fun time

Something id consider putting a few bucks behind.
Good luck king, I believe you can do it.

I’m not holding my breath, you made the common mistake of telling us about an idea before making even one prototype. In my experience, people take the satisfaction of people telling them how great their idea is and then never even start making it.


So I take it that you are not satisfied with the Starbound mod that already exists?

Can you give some examples of what those enhanced NPC interactions would look like? Are you looking for dialog trees, options to feed/get fed by, mini-games with the NPC as an AI opponent?

Actually, I get what Tombot is saying. Hes concerned that you erm… havnt even started with the development yet.