Terraria Texture Packs

So… a few days ago I got the idea of respriting Terraria’s enemies into fat monster girls and after a bit of research I stumbled upon the 1.4 texture pack support update. I’ve played a bit with the small slime sprite (NPC_1), made a texture pack format and put the sprite in and… unknown

So, technically, we could make a Terraria fat mod by using the texture packs and through a texture pack we can make everything fat from the enemies to the town NPC to even the PC it’s self.

However, by using a texture pack to resprite Terraria’s sprites we gonna meet some limitations and those are the ones I found out so far:

-Some enemies (such as the slime I sprited in the picture above) don’t turn left and right so, If you sprite one of those enemies facing sideways they gonna be stuck facing the side you sprited it .

-Like Stardew Valley, By using this method we might gonna have to concern about the sprites limit. At best, If the texture pack sprite pass that limit it simply works but the hitbox wouldn’t be accurate. At worst, if the texture pack sprite pass that limit it might glitch up or even worst, crash the game. The good part is that this limit varies from sprite to sprite and so, some sprites might have a larger limit to work with (such as bosses).

And so, I hope I inspired you with this post, myself I’m gonna attempt to make some more of these sprites as much as the time allows me. Personally I see a lot of potential for a fat Terraria with the method and I hope to see the community’s input on this idea.

With that said, If you have any questions or thoughts about this Idea I’d be more than happy to hear and answer them!


Hiya, I’ve actually been toying around with this a bit. I made a chubby nurse and a bustier zoologist but then started going insane when I tired to edit the townnpcs dialogue. I don’t know much about coding and am starting to lose hope that their is a simple edit I can do to change them…

I dont think there is an easy way to edit the townnpc dialogue as it might require to fiddle with the actual game’s code but at least it shouldn’t be impossible!

It’s too bad I have next to no idea where that data is kept, and the one idea I do have is the .xnb files but nothing I have found can edit it directly.

I did it…
I found a way to edit the npcs dialogue by getting the source code from a mod that adds more dialogue and than edited that, auggh that was so much harder than it sounds… but i did it without coding at all…

Hey, I found a way to change the NPCs dialogue by editing a mod, do you know how to replace the town NPCs sprites using a texture pack for tmodloader?

I don’t think you need tmodloader at all to load an texture pack, i didn’t need it at least. Just place the texture pack in the ResourcePack folder and you can load it from Terraria

No I’m trying to load a texture pack on tmodloader so I can use my dialogue mod, and have custom textures

Don’t think I can help with that but I’d see using the texture pack along the dialogues mod to have both the textures and the dialogues

Do you know how to change the townnpcs sprites using a texture pack?

Meanwhile Texturepacks officials are supported by Terraria. Terraria Texture Packs can be found here: https://terraria-texturepacks.com/