terraria vore mod 'voraria'

(this is my first time making a thread here so sorry if this is better suited for project help)
I’m sure some of you have heard about it because this is where i found the link to the mod.

Well after talking with the dev team we have decided that we need a person able to do fat npc sprites for the eventual npc weight gain system, but we have some quality criteria that needs to be meet.
If anyone is interested (and capable) please respond because none of us have any idea how to make a good fat terraria npc sprite due to them being so small.


Aw, hell yeah! Glad to see my little request is being pursued(I think I saw someone on here talk about weight gain in terraria, and then requested it on the Eka’s thread, so it’s not just my request, but also whoever first mentioned it).

The Possessed, Mummies, Lunatic devotees, and elf archers could use that (I’m pretty sure they already did pirate crossbowers)