Terraria weight gain mods

( My English isn’t that good so don’t mind me :smiling_face_with_tear: )
hello people, I’ve been thinking if there is any Terraria weight gain mods or even vore mods with weight gain like Starbound mod I know about Vorraria mod but it’s just voring i guess with no gaining at all so I come up with a great idea for a mod like having a material u can buy it from one of the nps’s when u activate this item u start gaining calories from each creature u kill and each one of them have certain amount of calories like when u kill a slim it’s 10 calories for u and when u kill a zombie it’s 30 each creature depend on how hard it is and yeah all this same for the nps’s so they gain weight also.
but the weight gain stages are limited so before u kill the wall of flesh u can only reach to a specific stage to make it more playable to the end I don’t know about all of this but it seems good for me and if anyone wants to add something to the idea it will be great may one day someone make it come true

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There have been other posts made about weight gain mods for Terraria, and from what I remember there was some phat sprites in the work but nothin near the level of complexity of starbound


yep I saw them, but yeah as u said nothing of them compared to Starbound mod