Text Adventure Game Lost in Purge of Old Website

There was a text adventure game that was on the old website that was lost when the website got updated. It was unlisted on the text adventures website so I was wondering if anyone still had the URL. The basic gist of the game was you could pick from a variety of different girls (each would gain in a different way). Once you picked your girl you would roll a dice multiple times to see how much the girl would gain. If you got lucky with the numbers the girl would burst out of her clothes. If anyone has the URL please post it here.


I couldn’t find the link in my history anywhere, but I always downloaded the games I wanted to play, and I think I have that one. Was it “The Wheel?”

If so, here’s the .quest file: MEGA


This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.


Oh hey, that’s one of mine. Web link below :slight_smile:



This is quite the enjoyable little game here. A little short, but quite fun.

What’s the highest possible weight?

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Oops, forgot to reply to this.

400lbs is. (250lbs is the maximum added).


how did you get the wheel to work