Thank You

Hey, so, this isn’t announcing a game, it’s not an introduction, it is a thank you to everyone who participated in the Game Jam.

I’ve had a tooth ache in my bottom left wisdom tooth, which is also super broken, for weeks but it recently turned into an Abscess and because of Corvid-19 restrictions, I haven’t been able to just go to the dentist/hospital and get it, along with several other teeth, pulled out.

The Abscess has developed to th point where I’m feeling pain all over the left side of my face and I have had minimal sleep the past three nights due to painkillers just not cutting it.

So, I wanted to say: Thank you to everyone who’s made a game for the Jam. They’ve been keeping me entertained and happier during these painful times and I can’t wait to see some of these evolve.

Before anyone asks, Goblin Princess has been my favourite.


Your welcome, 2020 has just been the meanest year for a lot of us, so I do hope you get medical treatment soon.

I’d been thinking of posting something along the same lines! I simply don’t have time to play most of these games at the moment, but it’s really impressive to see so many entries :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have a family member in a similar boat of needing dental work but no one will see her. I feel your pain and I only hope you get the treatment you need swiftly. :persevere:

With that said, I like to take the opportunity to express my thanks to all those who participated this year. It’s blown me away how much talent there is in this community and this past weekend has been an absolute blast, not only in playing these games but seeing the constructive positivity being expressed here as well!

no problem! glad you’re enjoying yourself. Hopefully you can get your situation dealt with soon!

Sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time right now–Get well soon, TDG!

oh im so sorry i know how a abscess feels its pain full as hell iv had one before

Yeesh, that’s painful. That and the pandemic made things worse for you. It’s made things worse for everyone since March 2020, but because vaccines for the virus are being distributed, hopefully, everything will turn out a lot better than it did last year.