That DDLC Visual Novel WG Game Is Going To Get Remade And Improved

hello again do any of yall remember that one doki doki literature club weight gain game i focused on for a while but never actually gave yall any versions of it not the rpg maker version there was a different one before that one that was a visual novel version technically i lost all my files so i gave up on it so yesterday i saw some old comments on my deviantart of some of yall wanting to actually play it and because of those comments I’m giving you all your wish to play it which means I’ll be remaking it and turning it instead of a weight gain version of doki doki literature club it’ll be more like doki doki literature club plus instead yall have many doki doki literature club fetish based games all in 1 and other interesting things too


Wishing you luck dude.

epic, the developers had really finished with the graphic section